Heritage protection and heritage advisory service

A free Heritage Advisory Service is available to residents and property owners within the municipality. The service is available to assist the community and Council to manage heritage assets.

The Heritage Advisor is available one day per month.  Bookings are essential and may be made via Council's Strategic Planning Branch.  Please contact the team on 03 5018 8419 or email planning.services@mildura.vic.gov.au to find out more about this service.

What does a heritage advisor do?

The main goal of a Heritage Advisory Service is to assist in the conservation, management, preservation and restoration of heritage assets by providing councils, communities and owners of heritage properties with expert heritage advice.

Heritage Advisory Services are an invaluable resource to Council and the community.  The heritage advisor provides:

  • A heritage and conservation resource for owners
  • Professional advice to assist Council deliver good heritage outcomes for the local area
  • Advice to council on heritage policies
  • Advice to council on council-owned heritage assets
  • Assistance with public enquiries

For more information on how the service works please see download the fact sheet below.

Heritage Strategy

A Municipal Heritage Strategy allows Mildura Rural City Council to plan in a considered way for the protection and management of items and sites of social, cultural and value to the community within the municipality.

The completion and implementation of the Heritage Strategy will assist Mildura Rural City Council to more effectively protect and manage the municipality’s heritage places and items.

The Mildura Rural City Council Heritage Strategy will allow Council to understand and prioritise heritage within the municipality and also help to identify opportunities for its heritage resources in a way that will benefit community wellbeing and the local economy.

The strategy has been prepared in accordance with the Municipal Heritage Strategies: A Guide For Councils Toolkit prepared by the State Government and Heritage Victoria, to assist Council to more effectively protect and manage its heritage resources.

For a copy of the fact sheet and the strategy please see the links below.

Andrew Ward Study

The Conservation Study (also known as the Andrew Ward Study, 1988) for the City and Shire of Mildura (now Mildura Rural City Council) was commenced in October 1986 and funded by the Council, the Federal Government’s National Estate Program and the Historic Buildings Council.

FACT-SHEET-1-Approved-Heritage-Studies-Andrew-Ward-Study-1988-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 406KB)

Mildura-Conservation-Study-Andrew-C-Ward-and-Associates-1988.pdf(PDF, 10MB)

Walpeup Heritage Study

The Mildura (Former Shire of Walpeup) Heritage study followed Heritage Victoria’s standard two stage approach for municipal heritage studies. 

The former Shire of Walpeup, which was incorporated as a Shire on 1 November 1911, was abolished on 20 January 1995 and merged with the City and Shire of Mildura into the Mildura Rural City Council. 

Heritage Victoria identified that the former Walpeup Shire had no adopted Heritage Study and provided funding assistance to Mildura Rural City Council to undertake the work for that area.

For a copy of the fact sheet and the final project reports for the study please see the links below.  Please note that there are four volumes to the study.

FACT-SHEET-2-Approved-Heritage-Studies-Former-Shire-of-Walpeup-2011-2014-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 964KB)

Mildura-Former-Shire-of-Walpeup-Heritage-Study-Stage-2-Vol-1-Thematic-Environmental-History-4-April-2013.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

Mildura-Former-Shire-of-Walpeup-Heritage-Study-Stage-2-Vol-2-Key-Findings-and-Recommendations-4-April-2013.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Mildura-Former-Shire-of-Walpeup-Heritage-Study-Stage-2-Vol-3-Hermes-Citations-4-April-2013.pdf(PDF, 9MB)

Mildura-Former-Shire-of-Walpeup-Heritage-Study-Stage-2-Vol-4-Mapping-4-April-2013.pdf(PDF, 7MB)

Heritage Precincts

The heritage precincts in the Mildura Planning Scheme include:

  • Barclay Square, Red Ciffs – HO 303
  • The Chaffey Avenue and Environs Precinct – HO307
  • The Deakin Avenue Precinct – HO308
  • The Lemon Avenue Precinct – HO309

These precincts are all included in the schedule to the heritage overlay and the schedule details what types of protection are afforded to the houses making up the particular precinct.

For more information on each of these precincts please see the fact sheets available for download below.

FACT-SHEET-7-Approved-Heritage-Precinct-Barclay-Square-Red-Cliffs-21-01-2022.pdf(PDF, 945KB)

Barclay-Square-Conservation-Guidelines-June-2021-IN-202129184.pdf(PDF, 932KB)

FACT-SHEET-8-Approved-Heritage-Precinct-Chaffey-Avenue-Mildura-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

FACT-SHEET-9-Approved-Heritage-Precinct-Deakin-Avenue-Mildura-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

FACT-SHEET-10-Approved-Heritage-Precinct-Lemon-Avenue-Mildura-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

FACT-SHEET-11-Advice-and-Information-Heritage-Advisory-Service-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 359KB)

Heritage Tourism

Mildura abounds with architecture from the Art Deco period.  We have designed a walking tour for you of the Mildura CBD that is an introduction to the Art Deco heritage still found in and around Mildura. Many significant buildings in Mildura and the outlying area’s exhibit features that were either built during the Art Deco period or were influenced by the style. 

Following the establishment of the irrigation colony in 1887, the first buildings in Mildura were in the Victorian and later Federation style; employing local red brick, corrugated iron roof and wide verandahs.

Between the First and Second World Wars, three architectural styles emerged in Australia: the Californian Bugalow, Spanish Mission and Art Deco. Art Deco influences in both housing and commercial buildings can be found in Mildura up until the 1950’s.

For the full fact sheet on the Art Deco walk that you can do yourself please see the fact sheet available for download below.

FACT-SHEET-17-Approved-Tourism-Art-Deco-Walk-22-4-2015.pdf(PDF, 970KB)