Community Banner Program

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Promote your events and activities in the Mildura region with banners.

Banners provide a vibrant and strong visual presence within the town and can help you establish your marketing campaign on a large and impressive scale.

Our Community Banner Program is designed to:

  • Promote events and activities that the public can attend, or engage in, that are being held in the municipality
  • Recognise and celebrate significant dates, including commemorations, celebrations and awareness eg. International Women's Day, NAIDOC week, ANZAC Day
  • Visually enhance the Mildura streetscape
  • Create a sense of community and a sense of place within the region
  • Stimulate local economic activity

The Banner Program is not intended as a medium for:

  • Advertising commercial sponsors or promoting brands
  • Flying national flags or cause-related flags
  • Promoting events, industry days and trade shows that the general public cannot attend
  • Promoting private functions or events that the general public cannot attend
  • Marketing activities such as product promotion, launches and media announcements

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Design Guidelines

Designs must be approved by Council prior to production.

Banners are considered to be a decorative medium. Banners are not intended to be used as advertising for products, services, brands or individuals – all artwork must promote the event or activity associated with the booking and not ‘the brand’.

As banners are often an addition to other marketing material, artwork may need to be altered to suit the banner medium.

Each banner can have a maximum of 10 per cent of the total banner allocated for direct sponsorship recognition, such as a company’s logo or naming rights. Logos must be placed at the bottom of the banner.

To help make the design more effective, it is essential that:

  • One bold striking image or graphic design is used and overall graphics are kept simple.
  • Font size should be large enough to ensure readability against a bright sky and legible from a distance.
  • Colour selection is important to guarantee visibility against both the sky and city landscape. White, yellow and other pale colours are not recommended as they soil very easily (if this occurs, all costs associated with cleaning and repair work will be charged to the client). Black, grey and other extremely dark backgrounds blend into the general cityscape and will be approved at Council’s discretion.
  • The title of the event should be included and appear at the top of the artwork.
  • To enable banners to be re-used at a later date, it is recommended that the venue name and other details, such as dates be omitted.
  • Extended text should only be used where it forms part of the established image of the event and logo.
  • Montages and slogans should be avoided as the design will be difficult to see from afar.
  • Phone numbers are not allowed and should be avoided as the number is difficult to see from afar.
  • A ratio of 50% graphic content and 20% text content is recommended
  • Websites and references to social media and other similar information used as a ‘call to action’ are allowed – Council must be able to access the information available on social media, as part of the artwork approval process.
  • All costs and responsibility relating to the design and production of banners are met by the hirer.
  • All costs relating to the design and production of banners are to be met by the hirer.

Installation of multiple designs will not incur extra installation costs as long as all banners are installed simultaneously and they are installed in a set pattern. A detailed installation spread sheet that includes images of the banners to be installed must be provided to Council with the delivery of banners.

If installation instructions are not provided ahead of the first install date, Council will install banners in an order deemed most suitable and additional costs will be incurred by the Hirer should any amendment to the installation order be required.

Design Approval Process

Banner design must be approved by Council prior to going into production. Approval is dependent upon compliance with the standards set out in these guidelines and use of the Mildura Rural City Council logo (if applicable).

Designs must be submitted for approval a minimum of eight weeks prior to the proposed installation date to allow sufficient time for design approval and production.

Artwork is to be submitted as a high-res PDF file via the online application form or can be submitted via email

Banners used in previous years can, and are encouraged to be reused, however, must be clean and free of fading, rips or tears.

Approval is required for all new designs. Feedback on designs will be provided by Council within five working days after receipt of submitted designs. Final approval must be granted by Council before production can commence.

Council reserves the right to reject any design that does not comply with the design guidelines or if the physical condition does not meet Council’s quality standards.

Should banners be produced without the approval of Council, the hirer will be responsible for all costs associated with re-designing and reproduction to meet Council’s approval. 

Production Guidelines

The applicant must order the FlagTrax Banners through Flagworld, Council’s preferred supplier.

Contact details
Phone: 1800 135 247

  • FlagTrax banner dimensions are 3000mm high x 960mm wide
  • Design is printed on one side (due to ink transfer this will create a mirror image on the back)
  • Material is satin polyester, 130gsm
  • All banners must be purchased as a right side curve
  • Banners must be purchased from Flagworld

Estimated production cost

No. banners ordered

Cost per banner


$100.00 + GST


$90.00 + GST

Artwork and delivery fee additional. This is a guide only.

Right side curve.



Spare banners

You may wish to have spare banners manufactured in the case of damage or loss. Banners may be reused for future bookings provided they are a suitable standard of presentation.

You will be responsible for paying any additional manufacturing costs to replace lost or damaged banners. If there are an insufficient number of banners, Council may arrange for alternative banners to be flown.

Council will not compensate you if you are not able to supply the required number of banners. Council is not responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing banners.

Location of Banners

There are 25 banner poles along Deakin Avenue, from Seventh Street to Tenth Street.

Bookings can be made for the following:

Half set (blue) = 14 banners (placed every second pole)

Full set (yellow & blue) = 25 banners

Deakin Avenue Banners Map



There are 20 banner poles located in Langtree Mall, bookings for the use of these poles can be made by contacting Mildura City Heart office.


Bookings are accepted for a four week period, longer bookings may be granted on a case by case basis.


The following costs are for booking banner poles and covers installation, removal and use of system for the booking period. All other associated costs are the responsibility of the hirer.

Community Fee / MRCC Funded Events

Installation, removal and use of system fees will be waived for community groups and events as well as events funded through Council’s Events Funding and Support Program.

Commercial/Individual Fee

$140 including GST per week for 14 banners
$250 including GST per week for 25 banners.

Price includes installation, removal and use of system for the booking period.

All other associated costs are the responsibility of the hirer, including but not limited to the printing, design and delivery of the banners.

Installation and Removal

Installation process

All installation and removal is conducted by Council.

Banners are to be delivered to Council’s Deakin Avenue Office a minimum of five working days prior to the first installation date. Banners not produced to specification, will not be installed.

If there is more than one design, banners must be packaged and labelled per design, with clear installation instructions provided.

Council will make every endeavour to install banners on the date confirmed to the hirer; however, installation can also be dependent on weather conditions, the number of sites to be installed and other external factors. Hirers should allow up to two days variance on the installation date.

Installation and removal

Should any construction or maintenance works be undertaken, rendering the banners unavailable, for any reason, Council will contact the hirer to arrange alternate dates or a shortened hire period. In this instance the hirer will be offered a pro-rata refund of any fees (if applicable) paid in relation to the affected site. Council will not refund costs should sites be rendered unavailable after installation.

Mildura Rural City Council does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged banners. At the end of the booking period banners will be returned to Council’s Deakin Avenue Office for collection. Hirers are responsible for collecting their banners from the Deakin Avenue Office once they have been removed. 

Approval and Invoicing Process

Upon approval of your booking, Council will send a letter of agreement and an invoice (if applicable) to the applicant.

Bookings will not be considered as confirmed and installation will not be able to occur until the letter of agreement is signed and full payment received (if applicable).


Hirers must give Council at least four weeks’ notice of any cancellations in writing.