Mildura Sporting Precinct

The Mildura Sporting Precinct (formerly known as the Mildura South Regional Sporting Precinct) has for the first time, provided a central home for a number of indoor sporting user groups in the district. These groups generate the equivalent of an estimated 200,000 venue visitations each year. The facility will provide a venue for major events including concerts and regional and national sporting events. It will also accommodate the need for community open space and passive leisure activities in the Mildura South area - one of our region’s main residential growth corridors. The Precinct includes a café to cater for users of the sporting facilities and local residents.

This initiative is part of the Mildura Future Ready strategy

Construction of the precinct's first stage was completed on 30 July 2021 and is located on the corner of Deakin Avenue and Sixteenth Street. Funding to complete Stage 2 of construction was secured in the Victorian Budget 2021-22.


The $32.908 million first stage of the Mildura Sporting Precinct was jointly funded by The Australian Government, The Victorian Government and Mildura Rural City Council. The first stage of construction was completed on July 30 2021.

Stage 2 of the project will be funded by:

 Funding source   Amount 
 The Victorian Government    $10 million 
 Transfer of budget from Stage 1 to deliver scope items within Stage 2 project delivery                                                      $229,960 
 Australian Football Facilities Fund  $250,000 
 Cricket Australia/Cricket Victoria and Local Sports Infrastructure Funding to deliver remaining cricket scope  $365,490 
 Sunraysia Volleyball Inc.   $45,000
 Mildura Rural City Council  $1,023,478 
 Total  $11,913,928 


Mildura Sporting Precinct Outdoor Netball Courts will be funded by:

 Funding source   Amount  
 The Victorian Government Local Sports Infrastructure Fund   $500,000 
 Community Contribution (Mildura Netball Association, South Mildura Sporting Club and Sunraysia Football League)   $365,000
 Mildura Rural City Council  $245,763
 Total  $1.110 million 

Stage 2

Stage 2 works are currently underway with project completion by mid-2023.