What to expect during the Election Period

The Election Period 

The Election Period (previously known as the Caretaker Period) is the period when Council business must be done a little differently to ensure the conduct of a fair and equitable election.

The Election Period starts on the last day nominations for the election can be received (nomination day) and continues until election day.

The Election Period at this stage is likely to start at 12pm on Tuesday 17 September and end at 6pm on Saturday 26 October 2024.

These dates may change, subject to the proposed Local Government (Governance and Integrity) Bill 2024.

What changes during the Election Period?

While most Council services will operate normally, the biggest change during the Election Period is that no major decisions can be made that would either commit the incoming Council, or impact on the election result.

Other changes include restrictions on community engagement, major planning scheme amendments, community grant allocations, media and communications and policy adoptions.

These restrictions and changes are outlined in the Mildura Rural City Council Election Period Policy