Event Planning & Resources

If you are thinking about organising an event within the Mildura region, the Event Planning Guide is the best place to start. The comprehensive, user-friendly guide highlights key considerations for event organisers including planning, running and promoting a safe & successful event. The guide also contains a range of links to useful resources and templates, which can be downloaded below.

Do you have any questions? Speak to our friendly concierge by phoning 03 5018 8100 or email events@mildura.vic.gov.au

Planning your event

Do you wish to hold an event? The first stage is planning, in this stage you should consider who the target audience is, what is the event about and what are your objectives in staging the event. Below are a range of useful tools and documents to help you in this stage.   

Event Strategy(DOCX, 92KB)

Position Description(DOCX, 800KB)

Budget Template(XLSX, 16KB)

Grant Tracker(XLSX, 767KB) 

Sponsorship Tracker Guidelines(PDF, 68KB)

Sponsorship Tracker(XLSX, 790KB)

Sponsorship Toolkit(PDF, 121KB)

Sponsorship Prospectus & Agreements(DOCX, 807KB)

Preparing for the event

Now you've made the first big decisions, its time to get going with the preparations. In this stage we take a closer look at approvals, logistics, programming, marketing and promotion, health and safety, staffing and communications. Below are a range of useful tools and documents to help you in this stage.

Event Management Plan(XLSX, 320KB)

Event Food Providers List(DOC, 313KB)

Volunteer Recruitment Tips(DOCX, 801KB)

Run Sheet(XLSX, 11KB)

Risk Management Plan(DOCX, 1MB)

Emergency Management Plan(DOCX, 939KB)

Incident Report & Investigation Form(DOC, 230KB)

Event Marketing Plan(XLSX, 44KB)

Setting up and running the event

Before the event, it's important to have all your ducks in a row. Be sure to provide clear instructions to your staff, volunteers, entertainers and vendors on how to get to the site and give them your number or preferably a business card with contacts to call if they need directions. Ensure everyone is aware of key timing and any equipment or resources they are required to bring.

Volunteer Briefing Letter(DOCX, 32KB) 

Evaluating and de-briefing your event

Event responsibilities do not end when everything is packed away at the end of the day. Now that the event is over it is now time to undertake a thorough assessment to measure whether you have achieved the event’s purpose as planned. Below is a range of tools and documents to assist you in this stage.

Visitor Survey(DOCX, 801KB)

De-brief Meeting Agenda(DOCX, 804KB)

Stakeholder Survey(DOCX, 795KB)

Sponsor Survey(DOCX, 795KB)

Post Event Review Checklist(DOCX, 823KB)

Post Event Report - Comprehensive(DOCX, 824KB)

Post Event Report - Simplified(DOCX, 801KB)