Riverfront Adventure Park

The Riverfront Adventure Park will replace and expand on the existing playground site on the riverfront, introducing exciting new play structures suitable for all ages, including experiences not available anywhere else in our area.

Features will include:

  • Multi-level skyway and tower and enclosed tube slide
  • Embankment slides
  • Log stacks and stumps
  • Climbing arbour dome
  • Flying foxes
  • Rock walls
  • Swings
  • Carousel and balance beams

The broader aim is to create play areas to cater for a very broad range of ages and abilities and provide an experience users will remember afterwards, including visitors to our area, providing another drawcard for the riverfront precinct.

It will utilise the surrounding landscape and natural elements such as rocks, hills and logs to create a unique play experience which encourages children to use their imagination in unstructured play.

Sustainable materials such as timber and rocks will be used for the majority of the site, in conjunction with more traditional play structures.


Work is expected in the 2023/24 Financial Year, subject to availability of materials and contractors.


Approximately $750,000

Design plan concepts

The images below are concept designs only and may be subject to change.