Doing business with Council

Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year. Find out how your business can work with us too.


Current tenders and further information about the tender process is available from the Tenders page.

VendorPanel Marketplace

VendorPanel is Council’s online quoting system. You can register your business to receive email alerts for relevant business opportunities. VendorPanel is provided free for Suppliers and is an open marketplace where suppliers administer their own accounts and are able to update business details if they change.  

You must register for VendorPanel online.

Support for VendorPanel is available by phone (03) 9095 6181 or Email.

Prequalified Contractors

Contractors must meet our Prequalified Contractor requirements prior to providing any services for the organisation. To apply to become a Prequalified Contractor please email the following details to

  • Company/Business name
  • Contact person 
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

We will then send you the relevant information so you can complete the Prequalified Contractor application process (Part 1).

Part 2 of this process is for all contractors and their workers to complete Council’s OHS online Induction.

OHS Online Induction

One of the requirements for being a Prequalified Contractor is the completion of our Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Induction. This is a legal requirement and is completed online after the application process has been completed and approved.

Inductions expire every two years and you will be notified via email when re-induction is required.  

Contractors are required to print their induction certificate at completion and carry with them at all times when working on Council sites. 

For any assistance or further information please contact us

Supplier Code of Conduct

Council is committed to engaging contractors, consultants and suppliers who conduct business in a safe, responsible and equitable manner and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards. To support this commitment, Council has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct(PDF, 136KB) which all suppliers must comply with. 

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are legally binding documents that authorise suppliers to provide goods or services. Contractors and suppliers should not supply any goods or services without first receiving a purchase order, which must comply with the Purchase order terms and conditions(PDF, 59KB).

Procurement Policy

This policy clearly sets out the requirements to be met by all staff, Councillors and temporary employees when procuring and/or contracting goods and services on behalf of Council. Contractors should familiarise themselves with the Procurement Policy(PDF, 339KB).

Payment Verification Process - Eftsure

To ensure accurate and timely payment, Council requires all suppliers to verify their bank account details with Eftsure. Eftsure is a third-party payment verification system. Suppliers will receive an automated email from Eftsure requesting they verify their bank account details.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to be a prequalified contractor to submit a tender?

No, you do not need to be a prequalified contractor to submit a tender, however it may be a condition of tender that, if successful, you become prequalified prior to providing any services.

How can I register for tenders?

Please refer to the Tenders page on our website.

Is there a cost to download tender documents?

Tender documents are available for download for free.

What cost is involved to become prequalified?

The only cost involved to become prequalified is $22 per staff member to undertake an online induction.

Who do I contact for further information?

If you wish to speak to our Procurement Team please call 03 5018 8100 during business hours or Email.