Find out about electoral wards

Mildura Rural City Council is one of 39 Councils across Victoria to have changes announced to its electoral structure following reviews by the Victorian Government.

As a result of these changes, the Mildura electorate will transition from an unsubdivided structure to a single Councillor ward structure consisting of nine-wards at the October 2024 Local Government election.

The nine new wards, which were named by the Victorian Government, are:

  • City Gate
  • Henderson Park
  • Karadoc
  • King’s Billabong
  • Lake Ranfurly
  • Mildura Wetlands
  • Millewa
  • Nowingi Place
  • Sunset Country

Click on the link below to find out which Ward you live in.

Victorian Electoral Map

What does this mean for you?

For voters, these changes will mean you are only able to vote for candidates within your ward.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) will send postal ballot papers to everyone enrolled to vote. If you are enrolled to vote, your postal ballot paper will indicate which candidates are standing in your ward.

Click here if you want to check your enrolment.