Keeping animals on your property

Council’s Local Law Number 2 (Community Local Law) outlines the rules for keeping animals on properties less than or equal to one half of a hectare. Unless you have a Council permit, you cannot keep more than four different types of animals on any one property or any more in number for each type of animal than as set out below.

Type of animal Area less than (or equal to) half a hectare Area more than half a hectare
Dogs 2 2
Cats 2 2
Poultry 10 100
Domestic Birds (includes Pigeons) 30 100
Domestic Mice 10 10
Guinea Pigs 2 10
Ferrets 4 10
Domestic Rabbits 2 2
Pigs Not permitted 6
Horses/Donkeys Not permitted No maximum limit
Cattle Not permitted No maximum limit
Sheep Not permitted No maximum limit
Goats Not permitted No maximum limit
Ostriches Not permitted No maximum limit
Emus Not permitted No maximum limit
Roosters Not permitted No maximum limit
Peacocks Not permitted No maximum limit
Any other agricultural animal Not permitted No maximum limit

Local Laws

Keeping more than two dogs and two cats. A permit is required from Council to keep more than two dogs or two cats on your property.


A person in charge of a dog in a public place must carry a receptacle for all collection and disposal of any excrement deposited by the dog. Any one asked by a Civic Compliance Officer to demonstrate that they have the ability to clear up after their dog must produce a receptacle.

Secure confinement of animals

An owner or occupier of land on which animals are kept must ensure that the land is adequately fenced to prevent the escape of the animals

Reminder for owners of Livestock

Stock owners are reminded that they are responsible for the damage caused to life and property by their stock. It is an offence to keep livestock on any property that is not property fenced and also for livestock trespassing or wondering on public roads. Also ensure that your animals have adequate food, water and shelter.