Local Laws

Council enforces a range of rules to ensure community safety and public order. These rules are set out in Mildura Rural City Council’s Local Laws, and cover many aspects of daily life.

All residents, ratepayers and visitors are responsible for complying with Local Laws and Council is responsible for providing Local Laws education and enforcement.

Local Law No 2 – Community Local Law outlines rules to ensure peace, order and good government of the municipality. It relates to a wide variety of issues including use of public reserves, consumption of alcohol in public spaces, use of streets, roads, footpaths and Council land, keeping of animals and disposal of rubbish.

Local Law No 5 – Protection of Council Assets and Control of Building Sites combines what were previously Local Laws No 3 and 4. It protects public assets vested in Council from damage, accelerated deterioration or abuse during the building process. The law also aims to protect the amenity of and prevent nuisance of the neighbourhood and environment of the community during the construction process.