Reporting litter & illegal dumping

What can I do if I see someone litter?

If you see someone littering from a vehicle, you can collect the information about what vehicle make and model they are in, registration number, date and time and what item they threw out from the vehicle, and this information can be reported to EPA Victoria or Mildura Rural City Council.

To report littering, please phone:
EPA Victoria: 1300 372 842 or;
Council: 03 5018 8100

What can I do if I see someone illegally dump rubbish?

If you see someone dumping rubbish or have come across dumped rubbish, collect information about the vehicle registration, what the people looked like, what rubbish is being dumped or has been dumped, and the location of the dump site. Please do not approach the people dumping the rubbish or touch the material that has been dumped, as we do not want you to risk your safety or health.

Report illegal dumping of rubbish as soon as possible by calling Council:
Phone: 03 5018 8100
After hours phone: 1800 241 540

Authorised officers from Council can issue fines and Infringement notices for litter and illegal dumping offences. The EP Act 2017 gives these officers the power to protect the environment by people who breach. Please leave the investigation of dumping offences to these officers.