Parking Information

Our parking and traffic laws are there to ensure the safe and fair use of Victoria's roads for the benefit of everyone. Council employs Parking Officers to enforce parking restrictions throughout Mildura and we encourage all residents and visitors to observe parking restrictions in our region.

Loading Zones

You can only stop in a Loading Zone if you are driving:

  • A registered goods carrying vehicle; or,
  • A public bus or taxi; or,
  • A courier or delivery vehicle permanently marked in the way specified by the Regulations and you are actually loading or delivering goods, picking up or setting down people.

You cannot park your truck in a Loading Zone just because it is a truck. If there is no time limit on the sign, you can stop for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Trade Parking Permits

Trade permits are issued to trades persons in the municipality who conduct business in Mildura’s CBD parking areas.

These permits entitle the user to park in green parking zones only, with no maximum period whilst conducting their trade at any business, but their own.

All trade permits have an expiry date and number, and expire after twelve (12) months.

Temporary Sign Hire

Temporary sign hire is available to trades persons conducting alterations/moving to any business throughout the municipality, to reserve parking spaces for trucks, etc.

These signs are hired for a daily fee per space or vehicle (ie, if a truck is needed and takes up three spaces – one fee).

Requesting changes to parking restrictions

Businesses can formally request changes to parking spaces or zones by writing to Council. Depending on the nature of the request, Council will survey businesses in the surrounding area that may be affected by the change before making a decision.