Zero Emissions Vehicles

As part of our Towards Zero Emissions Strategy 2021-2050, Council has committed to achieve a zero emissions light fleet by 2030 and a zero emissions heavy fleet by 2040. Council has already begun transitioning our light fleet to battery electric vehicles and installing fleet charging infrastructure, whilst planning to transition our heavy fleet to zero emissions technology. The charging infrastructure is powered by 100 percent renewable energy through our Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement.

Council is also committed to improving the municipality's environmental sustainability and transport connectivity. Facilitating the transition to zero emissions vehicles, including convenient access to charging and refuelling infrastructure, plays a significant role in meeting this commitment.



Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy & Guidelines

In April 2023, Council adopted the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy – CP053(PDF, 282KB) and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Council Land Guidelines(PDF, 1MB) 

The Policy provides guidance on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the municipality, including in public spaces and places, new commercial/industrial/residential developments, and existing commercial/industrial premises and private residences.

The Guidelines outline the conditions for the provision, installation, management, maintenance, and removal of EV charging infrastructure on public land in the Mildura Rural City Council Local Government Area.

The Guidelines also outline the principles for planning EV charging infrastructure on public land and support the selection of the correct type of infrastructure at the right location. In line with our own emissions reduction commitments, charging infrastructure must be powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

The Policy and Guidelines aim to position Mildura Rural City as one of the most EV friendly municipalities in Australia, along with the aim to become RV friendly, further driving tourism and smart city opportunities in the region.

Mallee Hydrogen Technology Cluster

Council is working with the Mallee Regional Innovation Centre (Mallee Hydrogen Technology Cluster), Mildura Regional Development, the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and member councils to explore green hydrogen opportunities in the region.

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Electric Vehicle Database

Looking for more information on EV models and charging options currently available in Australia? Check out and