drumMUSTER program

Council is now accepting bookings for the disposal of DrumMuster drums at the Mildura Landfill facility only.
The maximum drums for one booking will remain at 200 and limited to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

All other facilities are yet to be cleared out by the contractor. Residents who are wanting to dispose of their drums at a rural site can bring them to Mildura.

DrumMuster disposal request form

Council rural waste facilities have smaller areas for drumMUSTER and therefore we may need to limit the number of drums that can be accepted at any time. 

The drumMUSTER program provides Australian agriculture and veterinary chemical users with a method of recycling empty chemical containers.

Please be advised that the staff at all sites are available to inspect drums only. If you think you may require assistance in unloading drums and stacking them into the compound, please bring extra persons to help. We also do not permit machinery to unload storage containers.

Drums are accepted at all Landfill and Transfer Station sites within our municipality through online booking only for the below mentioned sites:

  • Mildura Landfill
  • Cullulleraine Waste Facility
  • Murrayville Landfill
  • Nangiloc Transfer Station
  • Ouyen Landfill
  • Underbool Waste Facility
  • Walpeup Waste Facility
  • Werrimull Waste Facility