Bushland Watch Program

Over the last 200 years, most of the bushland within Mildura Rural City Council has been cleared for human activities.

This means that many types of native vegetation have been destroyed. Many of the plants and animals that were once common are now only found in a few isolated areas.

To maintain diversity, we must look after the plant and animal communities that have been most depleted.

The Bushland Watch Program aims to help protect our native trees, shrubs and grasses from any threat that makes it hard for them to survive. 

Report threats to our bushland

Please report any of the following threats to our bushland

  • Clearing or lopping of the natural bush (trees, shrubs or grasses).
  • Dumping of rubbish and garden waste
  • Rabbits
  • Weed infestations

Details such as location, registration plate numbers and photos of the site can be helpful

Care for our bushland

  • Never drive vehicles off the designated tracks
  • Take your rubbish with you when visiting or camping in bushland areas
  • Never drive vehicles on muddy tracks
  • Never dispose of rubbish, hard waste or green waste in bushland areas.

Contact Council’s Environmental Sustainability Team 03 5018 8100 for more information