Pets in emergencies


Your animals are your responsibility, and you need to prepare for their safety and welfare during an emergency.

Be prepared

  • Include your animals in household emergency plans
  • Properly identify your pets for example name tags, Council registration tag and ensure they are microchipped
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers on display
  • Be aware that some emergency relief centres may not cater for animals so make sure you plan accordingly

Act early

  • If you intend to move your animals to a safer location, do so early to avoid unnecessary risk
  • Ensure there is access to plenty of food and water if you are leaving them behind
  • If staying at home, secure animals early enough so they don’t run away if they become frightened

Be considerate

  • If you have to leave your pets behind, leave them indoors
  • Place pets in smaller rooms with small or preferably no windows for example a laundry or bathroom
  • Provide adequate food and water in large heavy bowls
  • If left outside, do not tie them up

Act safely

Your safety, and that of your family, is very important.  Ensure that you act responsibly when trying to find and protect your pets.