Cool It Street Program

Mildura Rural City Council is looking to create healthier and greener neighbourhoods through its Cool It Street Program.

Several lucky neighbourhoods will undergo a transformation through the program, which aims to provide quality tree canopy cover by planting semi-mature trees in areas of need.

The benefits of Cool it Street Program are to:

  • Cool the environment
  • Improve streetscape amenities and walkability
  • Enhance urban biodiversity and provide linkages between pockets of biodiverse areas
  • Showcase how we can better adapt to climate change
  • Increase awareness, knowledge, and stewardship about the importance of urban greening within the community 

Conditions of nominating include:

  • Streets that are 5 years or older
  • Streets that have little to no trees in nature strips
  • Streets that are hot and unpleasant in the summer time
  • Streets where multiple residents would like more trees in the nature strips

All nominations will be assessed for suitability by Council officers. Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 31 March 2023.

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What happens if my street is selected as a Cool It Street?

Council officers will contact residents to detail the next stage of the program. Residents will have the chance to select what type of trees are planted. Plantings will take place between April and August 2023.

What do I have to do as a resident of a nominated Cool It Street?

Residents who have been included in the program will be encouraged to participate in the engagement process. The engagement process will be tailored to your street, and will involve:

  • The steps in the program
  • Providing an opportunity for the resident to ask questions about the program
  • Provide input to the species selected for each successful Cool It Street

Will Council remove healthy trees through the Cool It initiative?

Council will only seek to remove underperforming/sick/dead/ tree species through the program. Any healthy, established trees will be retained. All trees removed will be replaced.

Will residents be required to plant the trees?

The trees will be planted. Residents will be asked to water and maintain the area around the tree. Details regarding ongoing maintenance will be discussed as part of the consultation process with Cool It Street residents.

What type of trees will be available?

This is dependent on the space and infrastructure within the street. Australian Native and non-native trees may be made available, including:

  • Weeping Myall
  • Hybrid Coral Gum
  • Chinese Pistachio
  • Euky Dwarf
  • Pin Cushion

Tree selection will be discussed during the consultation period with all residents of the street. You can find out more about the trees here(PDF, 2MB)

More information

For more information about the Cool It Street Program please contact Nardia Baker or Bonnie Pettett on 03 5018 8100

Cool it Tree Giveaway

Council is giving away 100 mature Australia native trees as part of a special Cool It initiative! Simply fill in the form below and go in the running to receive a mature size tree for your garden! Registrations close 19 May 2023.

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