Climate Change

Climate change has the potential to affect our community, the economy, and our environment adversely. Victoria is already experiencing climate change impacts.

These include:

  • Increased and longer fire seasons
  • More extreme fire warning days
  • Higher than average temperatures
  • Less rainfall, drier conditions 
  • More intense and unpredictable weather events

The significant climate change impacts projected for the Mallee region include:

  • Increased maximum and minimum temperatures
  • More hot days and heatwaves
  • Less rainfall in winter and spring
  • More intense rainfall events
  • Harsher and longer fire seasons 

Mallee Climate Projections 2019 (updated 19/02/2020) (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Climate Emergency

On 24 February 2020, Mildura Rural City Council became the 30th Local Government in Victoria, and the 94th in Australia, to declare a climate emergency.

Council declared we are in a state of climate change emergency requiring urgent action by all levels of government and passed a motion to:

  1. Write to all State and Federal parliamentarians whose offices lie within the MRCC municipal boundaries, and to the Prime Minister, the federal Opposition Leader and the Victorian Premier, expressing our position on the climate emergency (COMPLETED);
  2. Obtain current baseline greenhouse gas emission levels on municipal services, operations and infrastructure, and implement and report on a strategy to reduce these emissions including an analysis of our capacity to reach a target of zero-net emissions by 2050 (strategy implementation underway); and
  3. Conduct community consultation to develop community owned and activated climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies (consultation underway).

Climate Emergency Community Advisory Group

The group is responsible for guiding the development, facilitation and implementation of a Climate Emergency Plan containing community-owned climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. The group is made up of seven community members and two Council officers.