Nuisance animals

Barking dogs

If you have a problem regarding a barking dog which you are unable to resolve with your neighbour, contact the Civic Compliance department for advice on 03 5018 8100.

The Civic Compliance department can send out a Barking dog compliant package that can assist you with the process. Ensure that all the relevant documents are completed and returned to council so we can continue with the process.

Dog attack

It is an offence under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 if your dog rushes at or chases any person or causes injury to any person or another animal, whether it is on your own property or in a public place. 

Council officers will investigate all complaints and can be contacted:

Nuisance cats

Mildura Rural City Council does not have a cat curfew, which means all cats must remain securely confined to their property.

If you have a problem with nuisance cats, Mildura Rural City Council offers a cat trapping program. If you would like to obtain a trap contact the Civic Compliance team on 03 5018 8100 for further details and advice.