Council is made up of nine publicly elected Councillors who each serve four year terms:


Instead of Wards, our Councillors have portfolios.  These portfolios are developed around the needs of our community, and as identified through our Community and Council Plan:

Portfolio Primary Councillor Support Councillor
Community Safety Cr Gavin Sedgmen Cr Simon Clemence
Community Development and Gender Equality Cr Helen Healy Cr Mark Eckel
Community Wellbeing and Services Cr Gavin Sedgmen Cr Min Poole
Arts and Culture Cr Jason Modica Cr Mark Eckel
Recreation and Sport Cr Glenn Milne Cr Gavin Sedgmen
Environment and Farming Sustainability Cr Anthony Cirillo Cr Jason Modica
Infrastructure and Transport Cr Greg Brown Cr Glenn Milne
Economic Development and Tourism Cr Mark Eckel Cr Helen Healy
Governance and Corporate Planning Mayor Deputy Mayor