Mildura CBD Plan 2020-2035


Current Status

The Mildura CBD Plan 2020-2035 covers the area between from Seventh Street down to Eleventh Street, and from Walnut Avenue to San Mateo Avenue.  The Draft Mildura CBD Plan was adopted by Council of 24 June 2020 and is available for viewing via a link at the bottom of the page. 


The existing Mildura CBD Plan was completed in 2007, comprising preparation of a Structure Plan and a review of the 1999 Mildura Urban Design Framework. The plan sets the directions for the CBD structure plan along with urban design framework which identifies and implements urban design initiatives and makes recommendations for future actions to occur.

Over the past ten years, since the preparation of the existing CBD plan, numerous events have occurred including State planning policy updates, Council housing and retail studies, CBD and surrounds public realm improvements, a range of property development, coupled with the need to bring up planning policy of the Mildura CBD in line with current trends.

In light of those events, Mildura Rural City Council has appointed a team of consultants to assist Council in undertaking a review and an update to the current Mildura CBD Plan 2007. The review is to ensure the plan is appropriate to guide the major changes to land use, built form and public spaces that together can enhance economic, social and environmental objectives for the future of the CBD in accordance with its established vision. It will include a strategy to encourage and guide CBD living and will explore options of economic incentives and/or planning dispensations to stimulate development and promote envisaged use and built form outcomes.

The review will further incorporate public realm and infrastructure guidance relating to street trees and landscape, lighting and safety, public toilets, parking distribution and duration as well as movement networks. The proximity and links to the riverfront precinct which could warrant some public space rejuvenation is also a consideration of this review.

The updated plan will inform policy directions for the planning and management of Mildura CBD activities. The plan will also assist in stimulating economic growth and development across all sectors.

Project Progress/Timeline

Event Date
Round 1 Consultation - Community Workshops 24 July 2018
Draft Directions Report October 2018
Round 2 Consultation - Community Workshops 19 November 2018
Round 3 Consultation - Formal Comment on Draft Plan  Closed 11 June 2019
Submissions being assessed  June 2020
 Adoption by Council  24 June 2020