Environmental Education at the Mildura Eco Village


Mildura Rural City Council offers FREE Environmental Education Programs for schools. Discover the urban oasis of the Mildura Eco Village and learn about the journey toward sustainability

 Education Activities include:

  • General Tour -  which includes the Eco House, Education Centre, Solar distillation, and Community garden
  • Energy efficiency in the Eco House
  • Composting in the community garden
  • Worms and mini beasts
  • Where does my food come from?

 Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities such as appliance power & ‘standby’ power use, double glazing, compact fluorescent, ‘eco’ halogen and LED lighting, down lights, water efficient shower heads, low energy cooling, draught proofing, insulation and the embodied energy of food.

 In the garden students will investigate the Mildura Eco Village worm farm handle a real worm (carefully) and learn about its role in the composting cycle. Hunt for mini-beasts and learn why some insects are good for the garden while others aren’t. They will discuss where their food comes from how far our food has to travel to get to our plate and why it is important to buy local and in season.

 Other education activities include

  • Waste management – Mildura landfill tours
  • Constructed wetland tours – Etiwanda Wetlands
  • National Tree day for schools
  • Annual school plant offer

For more information contact: Environmental Sustainability Education Officer – (03) 5018 8100