Education Centre

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The Education Centre at Mildura Eco Village is a multipurpose community facility displaying sustainable design elements, building practices and technologies. The building consists of:

  • An Education Space.
  • Office / kitchenette / storage areas.
  • Toilets.
  • Display areas.

Using the Education Centre

The Education Centre is a community building and accessible to the public. It is designed to be used for many purposes such as a community meeting space or to deliver or participate in a broad range of educational experiences.

Bookings and more information about using the Education Centre can be made by contacting Mildura Rural City Council's Environmental Sustainability Unit on (03) 5018 8100.

About the Education Centre

Construction of the Education Centre was completed in March 2013 and the facility was officially opened on 15 June 2013. The 9 star rated building comprises a range of sustainable design features:

  • The materials used were chosen to reduce the embodied energy of the building.
  • Passive solar, energy efficient architecture appropriate to semi arid region.
  • Natural daylight is used to reduce electricity usage, and energy efficient lighting is used throughout.
  • Double glazing used on external doors and windows.
  • Water collection, conservation and reticulation.
  • Solar energy for power and hot water.

The Education Centre was built to educate the community about sustainable living practices and regional self-sufficiency.

The Education Centre is supported by the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund and Mildura Rural City Council. It was conceived by EME Design and constructed by local builder Wayne Mayne.