Your options for waste disposal

See below waste disposal and recycling options available to you as a resident.


Located at Mildura Landfill, Aroundagain accepts unwanted household goods for free. Items are sold to the community with proceeds going to local not-for-profit organisation 'The Christie Centre'.

For more information visit the Aroundagain website or phone 03 5021 0739.


What is E-waste?

If it’s got a plug, battery or cord and is unwanted, it’s electronic waste. It could be any of a whole range of items from work, home or even the garden shed. From old phones, computers and household appliances to power tools and toys.

Electronic waste is no longer accepted in any bin or landfill site across Victoria. Instead, it must be taken to dedicated e-waste drop-off points where it will be collected for resource recovery.

Why recover it?

Electronic waste is growing up to three times faster than general municipal waste. When you consider what is inside electronic waste and that it can be recovered and made into something else, it makes no sense to bury electronic objects in the ground once we are finished with them. Some electronics have a recycling rate of up to 90%, while recovering rare materials such as gold, silver and correctly disposing of harmful ones like lead and mercury is also important. There is an economic benefit to recycling your old electronic waste as well, keeping those rare materials in circulation longer means our electronics won’t cost as much.

Where do I take it?

To find out more about e-waste, where to take it, and costs for disposal visit our Landfills & Transfer Station page or go to Sustainability Victoria website


Batteries cannot be disposed of through kerbside bins, as they have caused multiple truck and landfill fires throughout Australia. When batteries end up in landfill, they pose serious environmental and public health concerns as the batteries release toxic chemicals and metals into the surrounds as they break down over time. Batteries are highly recyclable and many of the materials in batteries can be used to make new batteries, making batteries cheaper in the long term.

Where can I drop off my batteries?

  • Aldi Mildura - 858 Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Battery World Mildura - 846 Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Big W Mildura - Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Bunnings Warehouse Mildura - 639-665 Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Coles Mildura - 832 Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Coles Mildura - 45-65 Lime Avenue, Mildura
  • Foodworks - 41 Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs
  • IGA Dareton - 31-37 Tapio Street, Dareton
  • The Good Guys Mildura - 670-672 Fifteenth Street, Mildura
  • Total Tools Mildura - 314 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura
  • Vinnies Mildura - 79 Lime Avenue, Mildura
  • Wentworth Community Recycling Centre - 258 Arumpo Road, Buronga
  • Woolworths Centre Plaza (Mildura) - Mildura Central corner of Fifteenth Street and Deakin Avenue, Mildura
  • Woolworths Mildura Langtree - 95-103 Langtree Avenue, Mildura

Hard Rubbish

Council does not offer a hard rubbish collection or disposal service. However, there are other options available to responsibly dispose of your hard rubbish locally.

Disposing your hard rubbish

  • Aroundagain, located at the Mildura Landfill, accepts unwanted household goods for free. Items are sold to the community with proceeds going to local not-for-profit organisation The Christie Centre. Visit their website for more details on items accepted.
  • Contact local charities to see if they would like to take your unwanted household goods.
  • A number of local businesses offer waste removal services and some local charities that may be interested in hard waste item donations. Please enquire with them directly before taking any items to their locations.

Household Chemical Collection

Once a year, Council and Sustainability Victoria host a drop off event for the safe disposal a wide range of household chemicals. Please visit the Sustainability Victoria website for dates and further information.

Sharps Disposal

All sharps should only be disposed of in an approved sharps container. They should not be placed in rubbish or recycle bins under any circumstances. This includes needles, syringes, finger prickers, diabetic pens and tips, fertility treatment pens, lancets and Epi-pens.

It is important to dispose of syringes and sharps correctly, to avoid the potential of needle-stick injuries which can result in the transmission of blood-borne diseases.

Sharps Disposal Containers

Council provides yellow sharps containers free of charge for people to safely dispose of sharps and syringes. Sharps containers are available at and can be returned once full to:

  • Council’s Madden Avenue Service Centre
    108 Madden Avenu, Mildura
  • Council’s Deakin Avenue Service Centre
    76 Deakin Avenue, Mildura
  • Council’s Ouyen Service Centre
    79 Oke Street, Ouyen
  • Sunraysia Community Health Services
    137 Thirteenth Street, Mildura
  • Terry White ChemMart Red Cliffs
    53 Ilex Street, Red Cliffs

Businesses including acupuncturists, doctors, veterinaries and tattooists that use sharps for procedures or services must arrange for a medical waste disposal contractor to dispose of used sharps.

A-Z Guide for disposing of your waste