Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee

Council is committed to making our region accessible and inclusive for residents and visitors.

Annual Disability Action Plans

Council’s Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 (CHWP) is a high-level plan that sets the goals and priorities for protecting, improving and promoting health and wellbeing within the municipality.

One of the actions within the CHWP is to: Co-design and implement a Disability Action Plan with the Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC) to reduce barriers and increase access for people with a disability to services, facilities and employment and to promote inclusion and participation in our community.

These action-oriented one-year plans detail specific objectives, projects, activities and outcomes. The Disability Action Plan gives Council's Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee, and Council officers, flexibility and focus while working to improve outcomes for people with disability in Mildura.

Read the 2023 Disability Action Plan(XLSX, 12KB) .

Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee

Established in 2001, this group is made up of community representatives who advise Council on disability issues. The Committee meets monthly to address barriers to access and inclusion for people with a disability, and give advice to Council on matters relating to inclusion.

Meet our members

Steven Pappas

Steve Pappas.jpg

Role: Chairperson, community member representative

I’m a local resident of Mildura and was born in the Mildura Base Hospital and grew up locally.

I’m a happy, friendly, easy person to approach. I’m a c6/c7 quadriplegic and have been using a wheelchair for 19 years. I have a keen eye for accessibility issues.

I applied for a position in the Disability Access Advisory Committee (DAAC) in December 2019, and in 2022 had the honour of being promoted to Chairperson. I endeavour to do my best as Chair for all members of the DAAC and the community.

I believe the DAAC is a valuable asset to the community in acknowledging accessibility issues and promoting and supporting a range of recreational, social and cultural events and activities to ensure accessibility for people with a disability In Sunraysia and surrounding areas.

Bianca Bugeja

Bianca Bugeja.jpeg

Role: Disability service provider representative, from Enhance Abilities with Bianca Bugeja

Bianca currently works in the local disability sector as she has done for over the past 12 years.

Bianca hopes to offer a unique perspective and diversity of knowledge as a person who lives and works with People with a range of physical and intellectual support needs.

She is a local business owner, providing NDIS Support Coordination and Therapy Assist services.  Bianca has studied Disability Studies, Community Services, Allied Health, Diversional Therapy and Training and Assessment.

Bianca is passionate about ‘enhancing ABILITIES’ with individuals, their families and support teams. 

Bianca has been a member of the Disability Access Advisory Committee since the beginning of 2018. In this time, she has enjoyed networking with locals, hearing their experiences living and/or support a Person with a disability and exploring what the DAAC and Mildura Rural City Council can offer in way of making our municipality more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for all residents.

In her role so far, Bianca has particularly enjoyed being a part of the team working on the Easy English DAAC information brochure, International Day of People with a Disability celebrations, working with members of the community to understand what the DAAC is and support them to voice their own ideas.  

Moving forward, Bianca is eager to see and be a part of increasing accessibility in the Mildura region including how it can be further developed, integrated, and innovated through projects such as the ‘Access at a glance’ project that the DAAC is currently working on.

Liz Irwin


Role: Disability service provider representative from Solve-TAD

I am an Occupational Therapist by training. Since moving to Mildura in 1978 I have worked at the Mildura Base Hospital and at Vision Australia. However, most of my time has been spent volunteering in the community within the disability sector.

I contributed to the setting up of the Mildura Toy Library and Special Needs Playgroup, the Playgroup Association, Sunassist Volunteer Helpers and Solve Disability Solutions (formerly TADVIC).

The DAAC provides a voice for people living within our local community who face barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals in life. Council has proven to be very responsive to our recommendations such as replacing steps with rampways, including wheelchair accessible toilets in public toilet blocks, removing tripping hazards and overhanging branches from footpaths.

When the request lies outside of Council’s responsibility, DAAC will contact the appropriate government department or private body eg. Disability Parking at the Mildura Airport, changes at Railway Crossings.

Maureen Gibson

Maureen 20230202_092840-01.jpeg

I have worked in the community for many years, and was instrumental in setting up Marlayna House for physically disabled and also the Mildura Accommodation Support Service managing carers for person with disability. 

I also undertook staff training in appropriate care, and have taken care of my quadriplegic son for 11 years and this was my reason for setting up these services. I have worked with the Office of Public Advocate for more than 16 years looking after the rights of people with disabilities in group homes, special accommodation houses and in mental health facilities. 

I was also a Community Guardian helping people get the right supports and Independent Third person looking after the rights in police interview of people with intellectual disabilities or dementia to ensure the rights of people with disabilities were upheld.

I currently volunteer my time to run a day club at the RSL for older people, booking day trips and outings which the RSL sponsor for five trips a year. At the day club we play board games enjoy a lunch together and play cards in the afternoon.

During my time on the DAAC committee I have assisted in various ways to raise accessibility issues around footpaths, railway lines and improving access for all.

Marnie Baulch

Marnie's photo.jpg

Role: Disability service provider representative from Trio Support Services

I joined the DAAC in 2021 as a Service Provider Representative. I have approximately 20 years experience working in various facets of the disability field and have spent the past five years as a NDIS Support Coordinator.

This role has allowed me to remain current with the everchanging world of the NDIS whilst building strong networks within our local community to best support people with disability and their families. I am passionate about supporting our community and local services to work together to achieve the common goal of providing a truly accessible environment for everyone.

In my relatively short time with the DAAC I have seen many accessibility issues within our community addressed by a team of committed individuals. The DAAC is a very important platform for local people with disability to notify of any issues they are experiencing, and to feel confident that their concerns will be heard.

Logie Onslow


Role: Department of Education and Training 

I work for the Department of Education and Training assisting schools across Sunraysia who have students with a physical disability. This may be vision, hearing, physical or medical. 

The work of DAAC is vital to the community, providing a conduit between citizens and the Council that enables issues of access to be aired and then addressed by Council. As I talk to people with a disability they are glad that Council cares about their needs and acts on issues that they bring forward.

Some areas that I have seen addressed have been ensuring footpaths are safe for people with a disability, providing training and forums for the community to understand issues around disability; recreational, cultural and social facilities being made accessible. 

Chris Riordan


Role: Community Member

Under Australian law, the right access and freedom for people with disabilities is a right to the level of every other citizen. It is for this reason that I've joined Mildura Rural City Council's Disability Access Advisory Committee.

I wish to ensure that Mildura and the surrounding district uphold this right to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access as their peers. I also wish to evolved the committee into a resource for the Council when making decisions regarding the disability community.

Leesa Bugeja

Leesa Bugega.png

Role: Community representative 

I am mother and grandmother that lives in Mildura with my husband. I am new the DAAC in 2022 and look forward to sharing my experiences and ideas to contribute and improve access and inclusion in our local community.

I feel that the DAAC is extremely important to help people access and feel included. Members of my family and I have lived experience with disability and the DAAC have helped us to improve access around town both us and for others. I look forward to being able to give back and support advocacy for people with disabilities.

Terry Irvine

Terry Irvine.jpg

Role: Community member representative

I have been a quadriplegic for 42 years and in that time have seen many changes in the disability sector. I have been involved as a volunteer with several different organisations as a founder, board member, coordinator, client and as a Community Visitor for the Office of the Public Advocate. 

My employment has included Dispatcher, Manager, Problem Gambling Counsellor and Disability consultant.

I joined DAAC in 2022 to help highlight the accessibility challenges that people with a disability have in our community.

Maria Pyatt

Maria Pyatt Photo.jpg

Role: Community member representative 

I’m 49-years-old and have always lived in Mildura except for three-and-a-half years hairdressing in Swan Hill. Previously I’ve been the owner of a dressmaking business.

Fourteen years ago l was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

l want to feel comfortable and safe in our community. While l need support with mine and other's disabilities, l am still very motivated to be as independent as l possibly can be, and to become a voice for those who see a problem but may not feel confident to bring it to the Council's attention.

Mildura CBD Disability Access Map

This Council produced map is designed to assist people with a disability to navigate around Mildura's central business district. The map includes a wide range of information, including:

  • Accessible routes of travel
  • Toilet facilities
  • Accessible car parking locations
  • ATM locations
  • Public phones
  • Taxi ranks
  • Hearing Loops
  • Wheelchair/Scooter/Gopher recharge points

For more information about the map, contact Council's Diversity and Inclusion Officer phone 03 5018 8545.

More support

More support for those with a disability is available through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For more information contact 1800 800 110 or visit www.ndis.gov.au