CBD Revitalisation Project – Feast Street upgrade

Mildura Rural City Council is moving ahead with plans to revitalise and transform the region’s Central Business District (CBD) following the endorsement of a preferred concept to transform Feast Street into an even more vibrant, attractive and entertaining precinct.

The concept is based on a shared street design, replacing existing outdoor dining structures with attractive vine-laden pergola-like shelters running the length of both sides of the popular eatery strip.

Other features include:

  • New tree-planting to provide more shade and amenity, creating a cooler, greener environment
  • Widened footpaths
  • Shared street with flush kerbs, providing improved pedestrian amenity and safety for pedestrians, as well as more flexibility for events
  • New landscaped gateways at Seventh and Eight Streets
  • Parallel car parking in Langtree Avenue and additional angle parking in Seventh Street
  • Footpath-level street crossings
  • Feature planters
  • Public art opportunities, including wayfinding and storytelling sculptures and light boxes
  • New lighting, including feature lighting.

Work will now progress to deliver a detailed shovel-ready design which will be used to attract the necessary funding to complete the project.

Expression of Interest - Feast Street Design Reference Group

Jensen Plus have recently been engaged provide detailed design drawings for the Feast Street re-development, progressing the concept design drawings completed in 2022.

We are forming a stakeholder reference group to act as key advisors as we progress through this design phase. If you are interested in joining the Feast Street design reference group please complete the expression of interest form in the link below by 4pm 7 December 2023.

Please note, positions are limited and places on the reference group can’t be guaranteed.

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest form



Feedback was collected in late 2022 on a series of CBD-focused implementations attached to the Mildura CBD Plan 2020-2035. Developed by the experienced urban design and social planning consultancy Jensen PLUS, focused assessments around design and accessibility for the CBD have been conducted alongside an extensive period of stakeholder consultation.

More than 160 public submissions were received regarding these ideas and concepts, with the key themes identified including parking availability, support for more outdoor dining spaces, accessibility for the elderly and disabled, and ensuring the CBD becomes a greener space.

Developed as a CBD Revitalisation Project, an emerging series of concept designs were presented back to Mildura Rural City Council, which included a range of upgrade and development opportunities for prominent areas of the CBD. These are focused around key areas of consideration, including:

  • Access and connectivity enhancements for residents and visitors
  • Connecting the Mildura CBD to the Riverfront
  • Economic development and investment attraction
  • Improved amenity and wayfinding throughout the CBD
  • Revitalisation and regeneration of public realms

Why are we embarking on a CBD revitalisation project?

As part of realising the vision attached to the Mildura CBD Plan 2020-2035, Council has packaged up a series of actions set out in the CBD plan to review the commercial supply, demand and configuration issues to deliver economic revitalisation to the Mildura CBD and broader municipality.

What are the key components of the revitalisation project?

  • Undertake an Economic Feasibility Study (Action 1E.1 of the Mildura CBD Plan)
  • Develop an Investment Prospectus for the CBD (Action 1E.2 of the Mildura CBD Plan)
  • Undertake a connectivity/permeability study with a focus on the mall and to the upper area of Langree Avenue (linkages to Action 1A.3 Langtree Avenue Placemaking Project, Action 3D.2 Integrational Connections Project)
  • Commence the Langtree Avenue Placemaking Project (Action 1A.3) leading to adoption of concept plans/designs to deliver this project
  • Commence the Feast Street Upgrade Project (Action 3C.3) leading to adoption of concept plans/designs to deliver this project

What is the study area for this project?

The Mildura CBD includes land from Seventh Street to Eleventh Street and from Walnut Avenue to San Mateo Avenue. The length of Deakin Avenue to Fifteenth Street is also included within the CBD boundary.

How much is the project expected to cost?

Initial estimates indicates a cost of $10million to deliver the preferred concept.

Council has committed the funds to commission architects to deliver a detailed, shovel ready final design for Feast Street. This is to be used to attract federal and state government funding required to deliver the project.

Council are currently assessing how this project can form part of a wider series of identified investable priorities for the Mildura CBD.

What will happen to existing car parking in Feast Street?

There is adequate supply of parking within the CBD, and Council has considered how carparks work in with the streetscape and affect the overall safety and accessibility of the CBD.

On-street parking in Feast Street will be reconfigured into a mix of parallel and 90-degree parking, with additional parking provided on nearby Seventh Street.’

Future opportunities to develop more carparking in the CBD are also being explored.

What else is being assessed and considered for the Mildura CBD?

A range of enhancement and revitalisation opportunities are being considered, based on land assessment and future economic growth potential for the CBD. This includes significant ‘anchor’ land development priorities, high-level assessments for improvements to East-West connectivity, new community facilities, laneway designs and activation concepts, dedicated parking structures, additional and/or improved public amenities, landscaping/greening initiatives, and public art planning.

The overall vision is to establish a responsive, resilient and people-oriented centre for community life that is multi-purpose and supported by sustainable economic growth.

How does the CBD Revitalisation project orientate to the new powerhouse and foreshore activation?

Improving Feast Street is a major opportunity to further strengthen connections to the riverfront, for example by making the walking route along Langtree Avenue better quality, and by improving wayfinding and signage.

More information

For more information on the project please contact Economic Projects and Events Officer Mike Wall on 03 5018 8100.