Customer Complaints

Mildura Rural City Council aims to achieve service excellence across all areas, for every customer. We recognise that all members of our community expect us to provide a personalised, responsive service. We work to meet those expectations by:

  • listening to you;
  • making sure our services are easy for you to access and use;
  • responding appropriately to your needs; and
  • maintaining a continual focus on improving our service standards. 

At all times, we encourage you to offer us feedback on both the services we offer, and the way they are delivered. By telling us what we’re doing well, and where you would like to see an improvement, you help us stay connected with the community and continue to meet your needs. 

Public Interest Disclosures

Council is bound by the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (the Act) and does not tolerate improper conduct by its employees, officers or members, nor the taking of reprisals against those who come forward to disclose such conduct. Council recognises the value of transparency and accountability in its administrative and management practices, and supports the making of disclosures that reveal corrupt or improper conduct, conduct involving a substantial mismanagement of public resources, or conduct involving a substantial risk to public health and safety or the environment.

Council will take all reasonable steps to protect people who make such disclosures from any detrimental action in reprisal for making the disclosure. It will also afford natural justice to the person who is the subject of the disclosure.

Service Requests

If you have an enquiry or would like to request a service from Council you should contact Council directly or lodge an online Service Request.