Water Management

Council manages a number of programs to save water resources and improve the health of our waterways. The organisation operates in a water-wise environment, having implemented practices and strategies to reduce water consumption in Council and public facilities. Council also works with other local agencies to educate the community and local businesses on ways to reduce stormwater pollution.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater pollution is one of the biggest threats to the health of our region’s natural waterways. Council uses a range of techniques to filter contaminants and litter from stormwater before it flows in to our creeks and rivers including gross pollutant traps and wetlands, which act as natural filtration systems.

Council encourages residents and businesses to adopt measures that will prevent contamination of stormwater, which flows into our river and wetlands.

Sustainable Water Use

Council is committed to using water resources responsibly and champions sustainable water use as an organisation and in the wider community. Ongoing water saving efforts mean Council is able to use water more efficiently in buildings, community facilities, public toilets, swimming pools, sporting reserves, parks and gardens.


Call for Action on Murray-Darling Basin

In May 2020, Mildura Rural City Council called for action on the Murray-Darling Basin. Council’s position paper can be viewed from the link on this page.  

The document outlines Council’s support for a holistic and balanced approach to water management and a desire for a sustainable Murray-Darling Basin.

The position paper states that a plan is necessary to achieve this vision and outlines 25 measures to achieve these objectives.

It outlines Council’s position and calls for action in the following eight key areas relating to the Murray-Darling Basin:

  • Water management
  • Governance, transparency, and accountability
  • Water markets – trading and ownership
  • Agricultural expansion
  • Salinity impact zones
  • Community sustainability
  • Environmental watering
  • Common interests