New purple-lidded glass bin to be delivered in April 2024

Published on 25 March 2024

Glass recycling coming

Residents with access to kerbside recycling and rubbish collection can expect to receive their new 120L purple-lidded glass recycling bin in April 2024, ahead of the service’s commencement date from 1 July.

The introduction of the new glass-only recycling service is a mandatory requirement under state government legislation, and will ensure more items are being reused for other means.

Mildura Rural City Council will deliver the new bins to eligible households throughout April 2024, along with an information pack containing a free A-Z guide that will help residents sort their waste from July 2024.

Once introduced, the new 120L glass bin will be emptied once a month.

Councillor for Environmental and Sustainability Jason Modica said that on average 38% (by weight) of the items currently being recycled through the yellow-lidded mixed recycling kerbside service was made up of glass bottles and jars.

“This might be different for everyone, but the introduction of the new glass bin should mean additional room in our yellow recycling bins from July 2024 onwards,” Cr Modica said.

“Under the current system, broken glass often means that other items like cardboard, paper and plastic become hard to recycle.

“By putting your glass bottles and jars in a separate bin from July 1, this will ensure these items can be recycled into new things.”

From July 2024, households will be asked to sort waste and recycling into four streams:

  • New glass recycling bin (purple)
  • Mixed recycling (yelllow)
  • Food and garden organics (green)
  • General rubbish (red)

“Recycling and reducing waste in the first place helps keep valuable resources out of landfill so they can be used again,” Cr Modica said.

“It makes a big impact when we all do our part, no matter how small, to sort our waste properly.”

More information about how to use the new purple bin for glass recycling will be included when bins arrive in April 2024.

This will include information on how to use the new four bin system including the new glass bin and handy tips to help reduce your waste. Until then, households are asked to continue using the current three-bin system as normal.

For more details about this new service visit or contact Council’s Waste Team on 03 5018 8100 or email




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