Mildura CBD 30km/h speed limit trial

Mildura Rural City Council is conducting a 12-month 30km/h speed limit trial in Mildura’s Central Business District (CBD).

Following a Council resolution to deliver actions identified in the Mildura CBD Access and Mobility Strategy, the 30km/h speed trial is set to start Friday 28 April 2023.

Lowering the speed limit is expected to create an economically vibrant and safer CBD where all people, particularly children, older people and people living with disabilities feel safer when visiting local shops and services.

It will also encourage more walking and cycling activities, while allowing residents and visitors to enjoy an improved amenity due to calmer traffic movements and less traffic noise.

Lower speed saves lives. The survival rate of a person hit by a car improves from 50% at 40km/h to 90% at 30km/h.

The trial boundary is from Deakin Avenue to Pine Avenue and between Seventh Street and Tenth Street. Deakin Avenue and Seventh Street are not included in this trial.



Why is a 30km/h speed limit important in the CBD?

Lowering the speed limit is expected to make the CBD more vibrant, encouraging more walking and cycling activities. These types of activities offer wider health benefits to the community.

Reduction in traffic noise levels and pollution is also expected to enhance trade activities within the CBD.

Lower speed saves lives. The survival rate of a person hit by a car improves from 50% at 40km/h to 90% at 30km/h.

Pedestrian and cyclists will feel safer when riding on CBD roads, as motorists travelling at a lower speed will experience better reaction times to avoid collisions.

In addition, there are several other economic benefits too, which are outlined in the Mildura CBD Access and Mobility Strategy

How long will the trial last?

Council has committed to trialling a 30km/h speed limit in the nominated study area for a period of 12 months. Signage will be in effect advising of the new limit.

What will happen after the trial has concluded?

At the conclusion of the trial Council will appoint consultants to gauge public sentiment and to collect independent feedback. This will then be used to make an informed decision as to whether the reduction in speed limit becomes permanent.

How can I provide feedback?

Opportunities to provide feedback will be advertised on Council’s website, social media pages and other channels once the trial has concluded in April 2024. Stay tuned to this website for more details closer to the end of the trial.