Report a tree, park or playground issue

What to report

  • You can report a tree or tree branch that is obstructing the road, footpath or is in danger of falling or causing damage
  • You can report an issue or damage to a playground
  • You can report an irrigation issue that is on public land
  • You can report an issue at a park or reserve 

How to report an issue

  1. Prepare the following information before you report:
    • The location of the issue
    • The date of when the issue occurred
    • Historic details leading up to you reporting this issue
    • Your contact details if you'd like an update
    • Other details that will assist us with your specific issue.
  2. Report the issue to us

    You can make a report online, in person or over the phone.

What happens after you have reported an issue?

  • We will attend the location and determine whether we can assist.
  • We may follow up with you to get some further information.
  • We will take the appropriate action or find out who can.

What type of tree issues can you report?

On public land

  • Fallen trees or branches on nature strips, footpaths, parks and roads.
  • Overhanging branches onto public land.
  • Council trees that need maintenance.

On private property

  • If the fallen tree or branch originates from private property please call the SES on 132500.

Trees over power lines

  • If the tree or branch has fallen on the power lines or communication cables contact your Electricity provider. 

What type of park, playground or reserve issue can you report?

What to report

  • Damaged playground equipment
  • Damage to a public park or reserve
  • Damaged street furniture (bench seat)
  • Sign posts (not light & telegraph poles)