Think before you throw this festive season

Published on 22 December 2015

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Mildura Rural City Council is reminding residents not to forget their recycling responsibilities and think before they throw this festive season.

A time when we eat, drink and share gifts with friends and family, the Christmas and New Year period traditionally results in an increased amount of food waste, packaging and general rubbish. On average we generate up to 30% more waste during the festive season.

Environmental Sustainability Portfolio Councillor Judi Harris said family functions, barbecues and parties created a huge amount of food waste, excess packaging and decorations, which must be disposed of appropriately.

“Many people are under the false impression that packaging such as polystyrene and even food scraps can be thrown in a recycling bin,” Cr Harris said.

“But this is not the case as food scraps contaminate other recyclable items. Instead leftover food should be put into the general rubbish bin or better still used in a home compost system.”

Christmas gift wrapping and packaging creates extra waste but many items can be saved from landfill and recycled instead. Wrapping paper, cardboard, rigid plastic packaging and Christmas cards can go straight into recycling bins.

Cr Harris reminded residents that polystyrene packaging should not go in their kerbside recycling bins. 

“Polystyrene can be recycled at your local Landfill or Transfer Station though so instead of throwing it straight in your rubbish bin, collect it all up, along with any other excess cardboard, empty bottles, cans and other recyclable items and take them to the Transfer Station where they will be sent off for recycling.”

People should also remember that plastic bags should not be put into kerbside recycling bins but can be recycled at selected supermarkets. Again, as a last resort you can place plastic bags in your kerbside rubbish bin.

“If you’re cleaning up around your home in the lead up to Christmas celebrations please ensure you throw any green waste such as small branches and lawn clippings out with your regular rubbish, or take them directly to a Landfill where you can dispose of green waste for free if it is separated from other waste.”

Although you may have extra waste and recycling over the holidays it is important not to overfill your bins. Overfull bins are harder for trucks to collect and empty and often result in rubbish being strewn on the street.  Bin lids should be able to easily close flush with the top of the bin and not blow open. Bin lids should not be tied closed or weighed down with a brick.

Residents are also reminded that there will be no kerbside rubbish and recycling collections on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. Instead collections scheduled for these days will be collected on Saturday 26 December and Saturday 2 January. 

The Mildura and Ouyen Landfills will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day but remain open on all other days throughout the holiday period.



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