Reminder to ensure beauty and food businesses are registered

Published on 18 August 2017

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Mildura Rural City Council is urging local beauty and food businesses to ensure their operations are registered with Council in a bid to protect the health and wellbeing of our community.

More than 100 beauty and 643 food businesses are currently registered in our municipality, however Council estimates dozens more could be operating without having met the health standards required by law. 

Secondary portfolio Councillor for Community Wellbeing and Services Mark Eckel said both operators and customers should be aware of the importance of registration and the risks that unregistered premises posed to our community.

“Whether it’s a freelance make-up artist or spray tanner, a cake maker or caterer, you should always ask if they are registered before engaging these services,” Cr Eckel said.

“Being registered means the operator and premises complies with regulations set by the State Government to prevent the transmission of food-borne illness and infectious diseases where possible.”

Under State Government legislation, all personal care, beauty, body art, and food-based businesses must be registered with Council. Council also inspects registered operators, to ensure they’re meeting the required standards.

Registration requirements apply to all business types, whether they’re mobile, home-based or operating from a traditional shop front.

“We take an educational approach to the registration process and want to work with businesses to help them understand the health requirements so they can operate safely and effectively,” Cr Eckel said.

He added that while the majority of operators do the right thing and are registered, some were simply not aware of their obligations, and a small number unfortunately were deliberately dodging the system.

In the past 12 months, Council has received 21 complaints about unregistered operators.

“There’s a growing trend towards mobile and home-based businesses, many of which are using social media as their primary platform to market and interact with clients,” Cr Eckel said.

“While these are legitimate ways to run a business, it is vital that operators and customers are aware of the health standards that beauty and food businesses must adhere to.”

If you’ve recently started a beauty business, currently operate one or want to make sure the one you’re using is registered, please contact Council for more information. Alternatively, go to



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