Keep stormwater inlets free from debris ahead of wet weather

Published on 09 November 2022

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The combination of rising Murray River levels and more wet weather on the way this week is a timely reminder for residents to help us ensure our stormwater drainage system is up to the task.

Current high river levels and fuller than normal wetlands mean water can’t escape from our stormwater drainage system as quickly as it normally would, which could lead to more standing water in some local streets during high or moderate rainfall events.

This makes it more important than ever for residents to ensure they keep stormwater inlets in their streets clear of debris and avoid sweeping or blowing lawn clippings, leaves and other material into their inlets, which could cause blockages.

Mayor Liam Wood said Mildura Rural City Council staff were frequently removing blockages from stormwater drainage systems and that many of these were easily preventable.

“Now is the time for our resilient community to work together to minimise the impacts of Murray River flooding, including all of us doing what we can on our own properties to prepare for what’s ahead,” Cr Wood said.

“By following these simple steps – ensuring lawn clippings, leaves and other gardening material go in your green bin rather than our stormwater inlets – we’ll all be minimising the impacts of the high river levels on our stormwater system, ultimately helping to protect homes and businesses.”

People are also reminded that during storm events, the roads form part of the urban stormwater drainage system and many have been designed to hold water away from homes and businesses.

“If you see flooding on your streets, please do not drive through the water,” Cr Wood said.

“Apart from being dangerous, if you travel through stormwater you are just forcing it back up into houses and businesses, causing more issues.”

To illustrate how our stormwater system works, and the importance of keeping inlets clear, we’ve put together a simple video which can be accessed at




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