Help guide future dog off-leash areas in our municipality

Published on 06 September 2018

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Mildura Rural City Council is embarking on the next step in its plan to establish permanent dog off-leash facilities for Sunraysia dog owners.

The move follows the recent successful trial of the dog off-leash area at Rio Vista Park, which remains open.

Sunraysia residents are being asked to participate in two surveys, which will help shape how and where dog off-leash areas are managed in the future.

The first survey is to help Council develop a Mildura Dog Off-Leash Policy, which will more broadly guide off-leash services in the region.

The second survey is to seek formal feedback on the Rio Vista Park trial facility.

Councillor for Recreation and Sport Glenn Milne encouraged the community to participate in both surveys to ensure future services met their needs.

“This is an exciting time for dog owners in our region, as up until now people haven’t legally been allowed to let their dogs off-leash in urban areas,” Cr Milne said.

“By developing a policy to guide this activity, it will help both dog owners and those who may have concerns about dogs being left off-leash in urban areas.”

Cr Milne said that in developing the Mildura Dog Off-Leash Policy, Council would consider urban sites that could be suitable for dog off-leash activities, as well as rules and regulations that should apply to these areas.

It will also look at areas where dogs should not be allowed without a leash, and the needs of residents who may not want to interact with dogs in public areas.

Cr Milne said the second survey, focused on the Rio Vista Park site, would guide whether this site would continue to operate, and if so, what improvements should be made to the facility.

“We received a lot of comments and feedback during the trial, which overwhelmingly told us that it was a success and should stay,” he said.

“We’re now seeking more specific feedback in a formal setting, letting us know what worked, what didn’t work and whether users think this site should continue.

“By participating in these two surveys it will help ensure both our new policy and any dedicated off-leash areas reflect the community’s needs, which is the ultimate goal here,” he said.

“We certainly recognise the important role pets play in many of our residents’ lives and these two projects – our new policy and the Rio Vista Park facility – acknowledge that.

“Whether it’s companionship, meeting new people or staying fit and healthy, pets, and dogs in particular, can do all of this.”

More information about these projects, as well as links to both surveys, is now available on Council’s website by visiting . Hard copies are also available at Council’s Service Centres or by contacting Rebecca Toth on (03) 5018 8100.

Written submissions can be sent to or posted to Box 105 Mildura. 3502.

Surveys and submissions must be received by Wednesday 3 October.

For more information contact Council’s Manage Leisure and Cultural Services Scott Umback on (03) 5018 8100.




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