What goes in my bins?


We encourage you to dispose of waste in the right way, so we can all reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Use this handy guide to help you dispose your waste responsibly.

Garbage bin (red lid) Recycle bin (yellow lid) Organics bin (green lid)


A - C

 Aerosol cans  Recycling
 Aluminium foil   Recycling
 Aluminium trays (clean)  Recycling
 Animal droppings  Organics
 Ash - No hot or cold ash in any kerbside bins  
 Baby wipes / face wipes   Landfill
 Baked goods  Organics
 Baking paper e.g. waxed paper  Landfill
 Bandaids  Landfill
 Bags (compostable, pant based)   Organics
 Bags (plastic)  Landfill
 Beer bottles (glass)  Recycling
 Biscuit trays (plastic)  Recycling
 Blister pack (tablets)  Landfill 
 Bones (cooked and uncooked)  Organics
 Bottles tops and lids (plastic or metal)   Recycling
 Bottles (glass and plastic)  Recycling
 Branches and prunings  Organics
 Bread  Organics
 Bubble wrap  Landfill
 Cake  Organics
 Cans (aluminium or steel)  Recycling
 Cardboard (non-waxed)  Recycling
 Cardboard (waxed)  Landfill
 Cellophane  Landfill
 Ceramics / crockery  Landfill
 Chicken (cooked or raw)  Organics
 Chips  Organics
 Chip packets  Landfill
 Citrus  Organics
 Cling wrap / plastic film  Landfill
 Clothing / textiles  Landfill
 Coat hangers  Landfill
 Coffee cup (take-away)  Landfill
 Coffee grounds  Organics
 Compostable plates and cups  Organics
 Cooking oil  Organics
 Corks  Organics
 Cosmetic containers (plastic or glass)   Recycling
 Cotton balls  Organics
 Cotton buds  Landfill
 Cushions  Landfill
 Cutlery (compostable)  Organics
 Cutlery (plastic)  Recycling


D - J

 Dairy  Organics
 Deli meat  Organics
 Deodorant (empty)   Recycling
 Detergent bottle (empty)  Recycling
 Disposable plastic plates and cups   Recycling
 Dog and cat poo  Organics
 Dog and cat food tins (scraped clean)   Recycling
 Drinking glasses  Landfill
 Eggs and egg shells  Organics
 Egg cartons  Recycling
 Egg cartons (soiled or wet)  Organics
 Envelopes (paper)  Recycling
 Face wipes / baby wipes  Landfill
 Feminine hygiene products  Landfill
 Fish and meat bones  Organics
 Flowers  Organics
 Foam   Landfill
 Foil (scrunched ball)  Recycling
 Food waste  Organics
 Fruit and vegetables  Organics
 Fruit fly infested fruit (tied in compostable bag)  Organics
 Garden waste  Organics
 Glass (broken)  Landfill
 Glass bottle / jars (intact)  Recycling
 Glass (drinking)  Landfill
 Grains  Organics
 Grass clippings  Organics
 Greaseproof paper  Landfill
 Hair (human or animal)  Organics
 Hairspray can (empty)  Recycling
 Household wipes  Landfill
 Ice cream containers  Recycling
 Ice cream wrapper  Landfill
 Icy pole sticks  Organics
 Jars (glass)  Recycling
 Jelly  Organics
 Juice bottles and cartons  Recycling
 Junk mail  Recycling


K - P

Kitty litter paper / clay based (compostable)   Organics
Kitty litter crystals (non compostable)  Landfill
Laminated paper  Landfill
Lawn clippings  Organics
Leaves  Organics
Lolly wrappers  Landfill
Long life cartons  Recycling
Magazines  Recycling
Manure and animal droppings  Organics
Margarine containers  Recycling
Meat (raw or cooked)  Organics
Meat and fish bones  Organics
Meat trays (foam)  Landfill
Meat trays (hard plastic)   Recycling
Medicine bottles (empty and clean)  Recycling
Milk containers (glass, plastic and cartons)  Recycling 
Mirrors  Landfill
Nappies  Landfill
Newspapers  Recycling
Nuts  Organics
Oil (cooking)  Organics
Onion  Organics
Oven ware (pots, pans, pyrex)  Landifll
Paper  Organics
Paper plates   Organics
Paper towel / napkins   Organics
Pasta   Organics
Pastries  Organics
Pet food can  Recycling
Pet waste  Organics
Phone books  Recycling
Pill packets  Landfill
Pizza boxes  Organics
Plants  Organics
Plant pots (plastic)   Recycling
Plastic bags   Landfill
Plastic bottles (disposable)  Recycling
Plastic drinking straws  Landfill
Plastic containers (hard plastic)  Recycling
Polystyrene  Landfill
Postcards  Recycling


R - Z

Rice  Organics
Sanitary products  Landfill
Sauce bottles  Recycling
Seafood, bones and shells  Organics
Shampoo and conditioner bottles   Recycling
Soft plastics   Landfill
Straw / hay  Organics
Straws (plastic drinking)  Landfill
Styrofoam / polystyrene  Landfill
Take away food containers (plastic)   Recycling
Take away food containers (non-waxed cardboard)   Organics
Take away food containers (waxed cardboard)  Landfill
Tea bags and tea leaves  Organics
Timber (untreated)  Organics
Tin cans (scraped clean)  Recycling
Tin foil  Recycling
Tissues and napkins  Organics
Tissue box (plastic off)  Recycling
Toilet paper rolls  Organics
Toothbrush  Landfill
Toothpaste tubes  Landfill
Tree roots  Organics
Vacuum cleaner dust  Landfill
Vegetable scraps  Organics
Weeds  Organics
Wine bottles  Recycling
Wood (untreated)  Organics
Wooden toothpicks  Organics
Wrapping paper (non-coated)  Recycling
Yoghurt (no container)  Organics
Yoghurt containers (scraped clean)  Recycling
Yoghurt pouches  Landfill