Find your bin day

  • 240L organics bins (green lid) are emptied every week
  • 120L rubbish bins (red lid) are emptied every fortnight
  • 240L recycling bins (yellow lid) are emptied every fortnight

Please place your bins out the night before your collection day. 

Check my bin dates

How to place your bins

Place your bin on the nature strip the night before collection day.

To ensure your bins are collected:

  • make sure bins are not overfilled and the lid is closed (avoid putting materials on top)
  • provide a 1m clearance around the bin (where possible)
  • place bins 30 to 50cm apart from one another
  • avoid placing bins in a driveway, on a road or near trees, cars or poles.
  • do not place in the bowl of the court
  • do not place at the end of a hammerhead court

Bins should not weigh more than 75kg.

NOTE: If your bin collection days do not appear please call us on 03 5018 8100

Bin Collection Calendars

Download a bin collection calendar for your area or call us on 03 5018 8100 and we can post one to you.

Area-1-Collection-Calendar-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 406KB)
Area-2-Collection-Calendar-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 406KB)

Collections on Public Holidays

Bins are emptied on all public holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

There will be NO CHANGE to collection services on Good Friday or Easter Monday.