Translated information and resources

We are pleased to offer a range of key materials and resources about the green bin service, translated in to some of the most common languages other than English, spoken in our region - Turkish, Vietnamese, Dari, Kirundi and Greek.


3 Bin System Flyer -Turkish(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide -Turkish(PDF, 488KB)

Green Bin Booklet -Turkish(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Turkish(PDF, 1MB)


3 Bin System Flyer - Kirundi(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide - Kirundi(PDF, 510KB)

Green Bin Booklet - Kirundi(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Kirundi(PDF, 1MB)


3 Bin System Flyer - Dari(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide - Dari(PDF, 466KB)

Green Bin Booklet - Dari(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Dari(PDF, 1MB)


3 Bin System Flyer - Vietnamese(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide - Vietnamese(PDF, 496KB)

Green Bin Booklet - Vietnamese(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Vietnamese(PDF, 1MB)


3 Bin System Flyer- Greek(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide - Greek(PDF, 514KB)

Green Bin Booklet - Greek(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Greek(PDF, 1MB)


3 Bin System Flyer - Italian(PDF, 3MB)

A-Z Bin Guide - Italian(PDF, 514KB)

Green Bin Booklet - Italian(PDF, 3MB)

Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Italian(PDF, 1MB)


Using Your Kitchen Caddy - Swahili(PDF, 1MB)