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Mildura Cemetery Trust

The corporate body of the Mildura Cemetery Trust are responsible for providing burial facilities for mainly the community of Mildura and the surrounding areas.

Trust members of the Mildura Cemetery Trust are:

Cr Min Poole

Cr Min Poole (Chairperson)

Cr Glenn Milne.jpg

Cr Glenn Milne

Cr Jason Modica

Cr Jason Modica

All trust members are Councillors of the Mildura Rural City Council and act in an honorary capacity for The Mildura Cemetery Trust.

The Mildura Rural City Council provides administrative support to the Trust for a fee and provides significant staff time and advice to enable the cemetery to operate. The Trust acknowledges the support given by the Mildura Rural City Council.

The Trust no longer employs staff; labour is contracted through the Mildura Rural City Council. The Trust has three full time contractors dedicated to cemetery duties.

Nichols Point Cemetery Site

The Nichols Point Cemetery is located approximately five kilometres east of the city centre. The location is adjacent to the Murray River flood plain and the flood level of the 1956 flood (40m AHD) has been identified as a serious constraint to the full development of all the land contained in the cemetery site.

The original cemetery block was acquired from the Chaffey Brothers in 1891 and has been added to on a number of occasions until the title was fully excised and consolidated between 1975 and 1977.

The land was reserved as a cemetery under the Cemeteries Act and gazetted on 7 April 1898, although the first burial occurred in 1892.

The cemetery includes a War Graves section, established after the Second World War for the service men of the Air Force Training Base, and a Lawn Cemetery section was established in the 1970s.

By the early 1990s, with flood plain limits and the constraints placed on the clearing of vegetation on the unused parts of the cemetery, the cemetery was seen to be reaching capacity and the need for a new site was identified. In 2006, 150 new grave sites were established and December 2017 saw the release of 502 new lawn plots with the opening of the new lawn section, located where the Sexton's house once stood.

Murray Pines Cemetery Site

The Murray Pines Cemetery is located adjacent to the southern corner of the Mildura Airport, some ten kilometres south-west of the city centre. The site, which is 24 hectares in area, has road frontages to Walnut Avenue, Nineteenth Street and Deakin Avenue, with its main entrance in Deakin Avenue.

The land was a bushland reserve and is subject to some limitations regarding the height of buildings and structures due to its proximity to the flight path of the north-south runway. It is also subject to restrictions imposed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment in relation to the management of Mallee trees, shrubs and pockets of native grassland.

In 1996, a Master Plan for the development of the cemetery was prepared, with the eastern half of the site seeing the construction of roads, car parks and irrigation systems. Burials commenced in 1998.

A 100-crypt mausoleum complex was completed in 2002 with encouragement from the local Italian community. This is a state-of-the art facility, which has won an industry award for its architecture.

A new mausoleum, which houses 24 burial crypts, was constructed and opened in 2016 after demand was exhausted at the cemetery’s original, larger mausoleum.

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Contact Details

Mildura Cemetery Trust
Murray Pines Cemetery
3281 Deakin Avenue

Postal Address:
PO Box 105
Phone (03) 5018 8260

Email: cemeterytrust@mildura.vic.gov.au

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