Fourth public EV fast charger, another reason to visit our region

Published on 16 November 2022

Public EV Fast Chargers - David Cann EV 2.jpg

EV tourists considering visiting or passing through the Sunraysia region will soon have another reason to do so following a partnership between Mildura Rural City Council and Evie Networks.

Council supported Evie Networks’ successful funding bid for $2.9 million through the Victorian Government’s Destination Charging Across Victoria Program, which will see a fourth public EV fast charger installed in our region by July next year.

The new charger will be installed in the Pine Avenue car park between Eighth and Ninth Streets. The new addition will position Mildura as one of the most EV-friendly cities in Victoria. All EV chargers on the Evie network are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Councillor for Environment and Sustainability Jason Modica said adding more public fast chargers would make the municipality more attractive and accessible for the growing number of EV tourists.

“By making our region a more attractive proposition for those with EV vehicles, we’re opening the way for a whole sector of tourists who may not currently be driving through or staying in our region,” Cr Modica said.

“It will also encourage more locals to make the switch to EVs as well.”

Mildura Regional Development Chief Executive Officer Brett Millington echoed Cr Modica’s comments.

“Anything we can do to make visitation easier and more inclusive provides more opportunities for someone to visit our region, and the resulting boost for our local tourism industry and broader economy,” Mr Millington said.

Adelaide-based EV owner David Cann, who recently visited Mildura, further highlighted the benefits of cities and towns introducing more public EV chargers.

“My road trips are always based around where I can charge,” Mr Cann said.

“EV tourism is a real thing, and I know through the large network of EV drivers that they go where the chargers are.”

There are already two public fast chargers in Mildura, in the Orange Avenue car park between Ninth and Tenth Streets. The other active fast charger in the region is in the Ouyen Community Park, which was installed as part of the Victorian Government funded Charging the Regions project.

Users will be charged 40 cents per kilowatt hour for power consumed.




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