Women’s Think Tank to tackle gender inequality

Published on 08 March 2018

1868 Womens Think Tank 03.jpg

A Women’s Think Tank in Mildura planned for June this year aims to help bridge the gender equality gap that persists, not just in Sunraysia, but across Australia.

Mildura Councillor for Community Development and Gender Equality Ali Cupper said International Womens’ Day this week (8 March) was a chance to highlight the gender divide.

“As a community and a society we like to think we’ve advanced a lot and are progressive, but when you look at some of the statistics out there highlighting gender inequality, it shows we still have a way to go,” Cr Cupper said.

“If you look at wages for example, Australian women on average earn 18 per cent less than men in similar positions, which is equivalent to 82 cents to every dollar.

“We see an even starker contrast when you look at average superannuation savings, which in 2010 for men aged 25 to 64 was $69,050 compared to just $35,520 for women.

“These are just some of the hard, unequivocal facts showing that gender inequality is real, and it is still a problem in our community, which is why I’m proud to see that we now have a Council portfolio for Gender Equality to help address this issue.”

Cr Cupper said Council’s Women’s Think Tank, which will take place on 15 June, was designed to engage local women, encouraging them to be part of the push to bring about gender equality.

“It’s about encouraging our girls and women to be leaders in this conversation, to do the critical thinking and support the development of innovative solutions to issues across our community related to women and girls,” she said.

Women and girls, as well as organisations, keen to be involved can register their interest by contacting Council’s Social Inclusion Officer on (03) 5018 8100.