Water testing to continue at Water Play Park

Published on 06 November 2017


Unfortunately the Water Play Park will remain closed for at least two weeks following the latest water quality test results.

While the latest test results reveal an improvement in the water quality, we need to continue treating and testing the water to ensure it complies with the parameters set out by the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009.

General Manager Development Mandy Whelan said the latest test results were disappointing, but stressed public health needed to remain a priority.

“Water Play Parks, not just Mildura’s, are complex facilities, subject to a large range of external factors that can influence water quality,” Ms Whelan said.

“Factors such as how they’re used, exposure to animals, birds, nearby ground conditions, faecal incidents, dust and debris.

“The water filtering system of the facility is very complex and has worked well over previous summers, however something has caused these latest poor test results, which we’re working hard to resolve.

“We have made the decision to keep the Water Play Park closed as we work to bring water quality back to acceptable levels.

“Unfortunately this is a time-consuming process, with each test requiring at least four-days to complete, in addition to the time taken to send samples away, as well as continue treating the water.

“While our own teams will continue working on the problem, we are bringing in experts in this field this week to examine the Water Play Park to get to the bottom of what is causing our water quality issues.”

We understand the popularity of our Water Play Park and apologise for the interruption, however public safety must remain our main priority.


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