Ward off mosquitos this summer with a few simple tips

Published on 23 November 2017

mosquito warning.jpg

With the onset of warmer weather, Sunraysia residents are reminded to ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming mosquito season.

Mildura Rural City Councillor for Community Wellbeing and Services Ali Cupper said stagnant water can be a key breeding ground for mosquitos, meaning residents can take effective steps around their properties to help curb mosquito numbers.

“Simple things, like removing stagnant water from containers or areas around your home that may collect water when it rains or when sprinklers are used is a great start,” Cr Cupper said.

“If you have a rainwater tank, ensure it is maintained, including ensuring any screens are in good condition, and if you have pot plants around your home, try putting sand in the saucers under them to prevent standing water.”

Cr Cupper said that while it was inevitable residents would be exposed to mosquitos at some stage during the summer months, there are several steps they can take to avoid not only the ‘annoyance’ factor of mosquitos, but being bitten and potentially infected with a mosquito-borne disease.

“Wearing loose-fitting clothing and using good quality mosquito repellents (containing picaridin or DEET) on exposed skin while outdoors can go a long way to helping ward off mosquitos,” she said.

“You can also take steps to mosquito-proof your home by maintaining fly-screens on windows and using mosquito coils with insecticide in small outdoor areas.

For more information, contact Council’s Environmental Health team on (03) 5018 8100.



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