Book Clubs

A book club is a group of up to 12 people who meet monthly to discuss a book selected from the collection at the Mildura Library. Your group may like to meet in members' homes, at coffee shops or at your library. One person is selected by the group to be the coordinator and they are then responsible for collection and return of all books. The books are on loan for six weeks, and only book club members can borrow from our Book Club collection.

When does the Book Club run?

The Book Club runs from February to November - 10 titles and meetings a year.

How do I register as a Book Club?

Each person in the Book Club must be a member of the library service. Information is available on book titles and how to run your first meeting.

How much does it cost to join a Book Club?

Individuals - $50 per year (or $25 after June)

Coordinators - $25 per year

What if I don’t have a group and want to join as an individual?

We encourage people to form their own groups where possible, otherwise we will keep a list of individuals who would like to be part of a group and either add them to existing groups or put them in a group of their own. Individual details can be left at our libraries. You will be contacted when a new group is being formed.

At your first meeting the group coordinator will collect member details and fees so that the group can be registered. The group should select 20 titles from the list of titles. Suggested activities for your meeting will be provided in an information pack. The coordinator will then visit the library to register the group and collect the first title and discussion questions.

If you need more information, please contact the library on 03 5018 8350 or email

Download the Book Club Reading List(PDF, 365KB)