Community Vision & Council Plan

Council uses an Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework to guide how it works towards achieving the long-term aspirations of our community.
This framework consists of a number of long, medium and short-term plans that consider the priorities and resources needed to achieve strategic objectives.


Community Vision 2021-2040 

The Community Vision describes what everyone wants for the future of our region and community over the next two decades. It highlights what the community values most and sets out its long-term vision and key priorities for achieving that vision.

The Community Vision was informed by deliberative community engagement, research and consultation. Almost 2,000 people contributed to its development between January and October 2021.

It is underpinned by five Vision Statements:

  • Environment We will sustain and enhance our natural environment and resources for current and future generations

  • Community We will be a healthy, respectful and connected community

  • Place We will be a place to live, belong and visit with infrastructure and development that enhances our lifestyle

  • Economy We will have a thriving economy that harnesses our strengths and capitalises on opportunity

  • Leadership We will have responsible, collaborative leadership that puts community wellbeing at the heart of decision-making 


Council Plan 2021-2025 

A new Council Plan is developed every four years following Local Government elections. It sets out the out the strategic direction of Council and the organisation for the next four financial years.

The community’s aspirations are at the very heart of our Council Plan and its structure reflects the five themes and Vision Statements of the Community Vision.