Events Funding & Support


Council is committed to supporting events within the municipality and recognises the value of events to both the community and economy. The Events Funding and Support Program aims to support events that generate economic and tourism activity, enhance the profile and appeal of our region and contribute to our community's liveability and wellbeing.

The Program is a tiered support model that focuses 70% of funding resources towards events delivering major economic and tourism outcomes and 30% to events delivering predominantly community benefits and provides financial and in-kind support to event organisers by means of the following funding streams:

Funding Stream Funding
available up to
Hallmark (Tier 1) Event Funding $50,000 3 February 2020  16 March 2020 
Major (Tier 2) Event Funding $20,000 3 February 2020  16 March 2020 
Community (Tier 3) Event Funding $5,000 3 February 2020  16 March 2020 
Civic Events Outlined in
appendix A of policy
7 September 2020  28 September 2020 

 * Please refer to the grant guidelines for eligibility criteria and more information.

How do I apply for this grant?

Applications are currently closed and will reopen February 2021