Fire Permits & Fire Safety

Fire prevention and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Council works with the CFA and other local agencies to educate the community on how best to prevent, prepare for and respond to fires. This includes fire management planning, inspecting properties for fire hazards and issuing permits to burn.

Fire Permits

During a Fire Danger Period, Council will not issue any permits to burn. If you need a permit during these times, please contact the CFA. 

Residents planning to burn off are required to ensure permit conditions are adhered to at all times, and as a matter of courtesy, neighbours should be notified before any burning takes place.

Fire Danger Period

The CFA terminated the Fire Danger Period effective 1am Monday 23 March 2020. Permits to Burn can now be obtained by contacting Council on (03) 5018 8100.

Residential and Commercial Properties

Council’s Local Laws prohibit burning off in Residential and Commercial Zones. This includes burning waste in backyard incinerators. No fire permits can be issued for these areas. On-the-spot fines can be imposed for breaches of this law.

Irrigated Horticultural Properties

Burning off is not permitted during the declared Fire Danger Period. Property owners can burn off outside of the Fire Danger Period if they have a permit. 

Dryland Farming Properties

Burning off is not permitted during the declared Fire Danger Period. Property owners can burn off outside of the Fire Danger Period and do not require a permit for this. 

Unsightly Land & Fire Hazards

All property owners are required to keep their properties free from fire hazards. Fire hazards can include long or overgrown grass, rubbish, abandoned machinery and other materials. 

Council inspects all properties in the municipality to ensure they comply with Local Laws which prohibit unsightly land. If you are concerned about an unsightly land or fire hazards contact Council.

Neighbourhood Safer Places (Places of Last Resort)

Also known as a Place of Last Resort, a Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is an area that provides a level of protection from the immediate life-threatening effects of a bushfire (direct flame contact and radiant heat). They provide a place of relative safety, but do not guarantee the survival of those who assemble there and should only be accessed when personal bushfire survival plans cannot be implemented or have failed.

Not all townships will have an NSP because specific criteria identified may not be met. Current Neighbourhood Safer Places in our region include:

  • Mildura Aerodrome Ovals, Eleventh Street, Mildura
  • Johanansen Memorial Recreational Reserve, Sturt Highway, Cullulleraine
  • Mildura South Football Ground, Twelfth Street, Mildura
  • Kenny Park, Box Street, Merbein
  • Quandong Park, Calder Highway, Red Cliffs
  • Henshilwood Oval, Karadoc Avenue, Irymple
  • Blackburn Park, Calder Highway, Ouyen
  • Mildura Show Grounds, Twelfth Street, Mildura
  • Underbool Linga Memorial Hall, 12-14 Malkin Avenue, Underbool