Mildura Older Irrigated Area - MOIA


Current Status

Amendment C89 implements the findings of the Mildura Housing and Settlement Strategy (MHSS) 2013, together with the findings of the Review of Planning Controls for the Mildura Older Irrigated Areas (MOIA) 2014 and some aspects of the Mildura Planning Scheme Review Report 2014.

Following adoption of Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C89 by Council, in conjunction with directions developed by the Mildura Housing and Settlement Strategy 2013, the Minister for Planning has approved changes to the way the Mildura Planning Scheme affects the local irrigated areas in the Farming Zone. The changes are in accordance with the revised MOIA Incorporated Document August 2016.  You will find both Amendment C89 documentation and the MOIA Incorporated document in the links below.

The key changes relate to both subdivision of land and the establishment of dwellings in the Farming Zone. The relevant planning provisions, both before and after approval and gazettal of the amendment and changes in the planning scheme, are summarised in the MOIA Fact Sheets linked below.

More Information

To see if your property is affected by the changes please access the MOIA Areas Map in the links below and zoom in to your property location.

To access the provisions of the Farming Zone at Clause 30 of the planning scheme, please use the Mildura Planning Scheme link below.  

If you would like to discuss your property in more detail or require more information please contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on (03) 5018 8419.

Background/Further Reading

The Mildura Older Irrigation Area (MOIA) comprises the older pumped districts of Mildura, Merbein and Red Cliffs located within the Farming Zone in the Mildura Planning Scheme.  These districts have a strong farming history particularly in the production of table grapes, dried grapes, wine grapes and citrus.  The MOIA is valued for the landscape amenity it provides, in particular for rural residential living which is a fundamental part of the character and identity of Mildura.

Horticulture underpins the Mildura Rural City's economy directly with products for the local, national and international markets.  It also supports a significant agricultural services industry and food processing, packaging and manufacturing sector that accepts products grown within the City and the wider region.

It is estimated that agriculture from the MOIA generates about $200m per annum to the local economy.

Mildura Rural City Council has grappled with the issues surrounding the future of the MOIA such as drought, commodity prices, water trading and particularly with respect to the impact of the development of dwellings over many years.  In 2009, changes to the way the Mildura Planning Scheme affects the local irrigated areas were made specifically by the Minister for Planning with the introduction of the MOIA Incorporated Document, which overrides the provisions of the Farming Zone in the MOIA pertaining to the subdivision of land and the establishment of dwellings.

Further changes were proposed by Council in 2015 with Amendment C89.  Links to Amendment C89 documentation and approved documents can be found below.

The chronology of the MOIA issue:

Old Format Planning Schemes Pre 1995 
 New Format Planning Scheme introduced under Planning & Environment Act 1999
 Mildura Rural Areas Strategy completed 2005
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C30 lapsed by Minister for Planning 2009
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C37  2006
 MOIA Rural Strategy 2008
 MOIA Study into Land Values 2008
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C58 2009
 Mildura Social and Economic Impact of Drought 2009
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C59 2009
 Mildura Planning Task Force 2009
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C65 2010
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C72 2012
 Revised Farming Zone 2013
 Mildura Housing and Settlement Strategy 2013
 Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2013
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C87 2014
 Mallee Irrigation Status Report 2013-14 2014
 Mildura Planning Scheme Review Report 2013-14 2014
 Mildura Planning Scheme Amendment C89 2016