Applying for a Planning Permit

You may require a planning permit if you are:

  • constructing or altering a building
  • starting a new use on land (particularly where it may create a demand for car parks)
  • displaying a sign
  • subdividing land
  • clearing native vegetation from land.

Even minor matters may need a planning permit and in some instances a permit may not be required. The onus is on you to find out whether a permit is required. Check with Council before proceeding with a change of use or a development on your land. Council can offer advice about local or state government policy guidelines that must be considered for particular developments.
To determine if you require a planning permit, and what type to apply for, contact Council or submit a Planning Advice form, which can be downloaded below.

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

As part of the planning permit application process you may require a Cultural Heritage Management Plan under the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

You should complete and submit a Cultural Hertiage Management Plan form as part of your Planning Permit Application. Forms can downloaded by clicking on the link below.