Deakin Avenue Master Plan work begins

Published on 17 October 2016

On Wednesday 19 October, work on the Deakin Avenue Master Plan will begin with the removal of two Sugar Gum trees on Deakin Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Streets.

An external risk assessment identified a number of trees that have significant structural faults and have now reached their end of life expectancy. To ensure the safety of the community, these trees will be removed.

Council’s Deakin Avenue Master Plan is a staged revitalisation of Deakin Avenue. Stages One and Two of the work between Ninth and Tenth Streets will see a total of twenty-seven Sugar Gums removed.

“The Deakin Avenue sugar gums are recognised as an important part of our local history,” Parks and Waste Manager Matt George said.

“The gums were originally planted by the Chaffey Brothers. Past lopping and pruning practices (which began in the early 1900’s) have caused many irreparable issues which have contributed to the decline in health of the trees,” Mr George said.  

“With a better understanding of tree development and maintenance than our forefathers, hopefully we will leave a more manageable legacy for our grandchildren,” Mr George said.

“The Chaffey connection will remain strong as Council has propagated seeds from these original sugar gums and have been carefully growing new trees to replace the ones being removed,” Mr George said.

“Council are working closely with a number of groups, including Greening Mildura, Mildura Historical Society and the Chaffey Trail Reference Group, to make sure the new plantings complement the existing streetscape and that consideration is given to historical structures along the avenue, and where we can, make Deakin Avenue more accessible to the public,” Mr George said. 

Further works to be undertaken in this section of Deakin Avenue will include the installation of a more efficient underground irrigation system, gardens, improved lighting, outdoor furniture, improvements to the median strip kerbside and the grade of the road that meets the median strip.

“Council has a responsibility to the community to make generational decisions, not just decisions for the here and now. This work on Deakin Avenue will ensure future generations can enjoy our famous boulevard and it will remain an iconic feature of this community,” said Mr George.  

The removal works will see lane closures on Deakin Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Streets on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 of October. Motorists are asked to be patient or to find an alternate route during the removal. 


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